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    First of all, thank you for the wonderful Theme. Its just amazing how easy it is to make a website with this theme!

    Here’s a problem that I’ve been trying to solve for several days and couldn’t figure out so here I come to the forum to get some help.

    I’m having problem having the icons from the icons list display in the backend. When I select any of the Icon (that does not display properly) and save and publish the page, then the icon does appear on the fron end of the website. So the Icons its self is there and appearing, I just cannot see the preview of icons when I’m trying to “choose” which icon to use. When I first installed the theme, I was able to see the theme, but along the way they stop displaying… what did I do?! :(

    here’s an image

    I’ve looked through the forum and and tried a few different things,
    ・updated the theme to most recent 2.4
    ・uploaded new fonts from fontello
    ・deleted cashe

    but these didn’t seem to do the magic.
    I’m guessing there’s an issue with some of the PHP files, but unfortunately I’m not the most code illiterate to figure this out on my own. I would love to use these amazing sets of icons…(only if I could know which one they are!) Any ideas on what maybe causing this problem?

    Thanks in advance,



    Hey nacre8s!

    A couple things you can also try: First, deactivate any plugins you have running on the install. Specifically any that effect the admin dashboard. Second is to try a different browser in case there is a browser add on, local cache or something like that.

    Best regards,


    Hi Devin,

    Sorry for the late reply.
    You were right, it was a plugin issue. I had a plugin called ‘WP Multibyte Patch’ which did things to change the font files within the wordpress site. I think that caused the icons which are font library (right?) to get messed up. Just disabled the icon and wala! it’s back working again. Thanks once again :)



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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