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    how can I add a fixed class to a ALB – Element? For some elements I changed the padding values inside CSS. After I done this, I erased a few elements before and now it seems that all my changes are blown away.

    I have used for example this to choose the elements to change them: class: avia-builder-el-16, 17, 18 etc. because it seems that this is the only way to specify them.

    Is it right that this values are changing if I erase a element before?



    Hi comitzuu,

    The best way would be to turn on the custom class field for all elements by adding this to your functions.php file:

    Then you can add your own class to each element as needed.




    Hi Devin,

    I added this snippet into my functions.php inside the childtheme. After that I went to the startpage and turn on the default editor.

    I insert a class to one Framea to test it. After Update it, the editor window was empty. All the code was gone away.

    But fortunately after I turned to Avia Builder the Frames was inside it. All is like before.

    But if I turned now to the default editor, I can´t see any code. So I can´t add classes or anything else…

    Do you have an idea what should I do?

    Best regards



    You should switch to ALB. Edit any elements then scroll a bit below. You should see a Custom CSS Class field.



    Just to add to what Ismael said, the content in the Advanced Layout Builder is completely separate from the regular visual editor content. You can’t switch between the two freely as a way to manipulate content.


    Ah, ok… Now I know what you mean… It´s terrible. Sometimes it is impossible to see the forest for the trees… :)

    Thank you two very much!



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