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    I am adjusting the settings on newly installed Enfold. Have used Kriesi Angular so am familiar with the Theme Editing interface.
    (I installed the dummy date first just to get a look at how the pages are constructed)
    When I select the pre-defined ‘black and white’ color theme option, all I change is the accent/highlight color to #29ba87.
    The result however is that the whole header is changed to the green, even though the header example on the editing screen still shows that the header background is white.
    Having trouble also changing the menu text color. I make changes on the style editor and it “saves” but changes do not take place.
    site is
    Just purchased. Just installed. Was really keen to start building but…. I’m not good with .css so if the user friendly tools don’t work then I am lost…
    Next move?


    Hi Andrew!

    It seems like you are having caching issues it does work fine on my end
    Please flush browser cache and settings of caching plugin if you are using any after making styling changes and refresh your page a few times



    Sorry Yigit – feel a stupid now, should have known to clear the cache…. Thanks for the quick support.

    UPDATE: cleared Cache. Once again I changed the style settings for the header – immediately checked my site once the “Settings saved” box appeared. No change. Cleared all browser data again, changed header to black, the preview looked fine in the preview box (black header with white text). Checked page, header is still white. Checked it on my samsung phone, header still white. Checked it on my Nexus 7 tablet – header still white. Guessing not a cache issue… Other ideas?

    See screen shots:

    UPDATE: 21/03/14
    Haven’t made any other changes but now today it appears to be resolved.

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