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    Hey there..

    is it possible to set the minimum height of a Grid Row Element to 100% of the browser height?
    It is possible for the Color Section, but can it also be done for the GridRow element?

    Your help is appreaciated ;)


    Hi Maik!

    Do you have a link to for the site in question please?

    Best regards,


    Hey hey..

    Of course, please find the link below:

    So i set a custom CSS Attribut called higonepix (the red BG) and higoneperc (the violet BG)

    So i want, that the violet GridRow Element is always 100% of the browser height.
    it works, if i set a fix pixel Value, but for me i want to have it more dynamik…


    oh forget to post my Quickcss:

    .higoneperc {min-height:100% ;}
    .higonepix {min-height:500px ;}



    This is not perfect but it might help. Add the code inside the functions.php file:

    add_action('wp_footer', 'ava_grid_height');
    function ava_grid_height(){
        $(window).resize(function() {
    		var win		= $(window),
    		calc_height = function() {
    			var winh		= win.height(),
    				header 		= $('#header').height(),
    				title       = $('.title_container').height(),
    				gridh 		= winh - header - title;
    				$('#custom-grid').css('height', gridh/1.5 + 'px');
    		win.on( 'resize', calc_height);

    Add a unique id attribute to the grid row element using the For Developers: Section ID field. Use “custom-grid” for example.

    Best regards,


    As always:

    Amazing fast and qualitativ perfect support.
    Works well for me and everything is fine!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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