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    This is perhaps an odd and somewhat out of place question for this forum, but maybe I’ll get some insight as to what’s going on from a WordPress/Enfold point of view…..

    So, I have a site, let’s call it There is a page titled ‘gallery.’ So, we have There is a menu on this gallery page listing other pages, such as ‘family gallery.’ So, now we have On this family gallery page then there are several media element galleries inserted, let’s call them gallery 1, gallery 2, etc, which are not pages, they are media element galleries on the familygallery page. Each of these media element galleries contains a dozen images, let’s call them pix1, pix2, etc. These pix are not linked to anything.

    Googlebot is showing 404 errors for urls like:,, etc. There are no errors with but there is whenever there’s a /pix extension, ie,
    Sitemap shows that only pages are indexed, not pictures. Although I could link the pictures to some page, then when a person clicks on the picture, it would not get larger, but rather go to that page, which I don’t want. Better they are not linked and can be clicked to enlarge.
    So, I’m kind of in a quandary not knowing what to do regarding these error codes. It may just be the way it works. I understand this does not necessarily harm seo, but it may; more than that, they keep building up. It seems every week after a crawl, there’s more of these 404’s because of a ‘pix’ extension which ‘can’t be found.’

    Hope was clear enough…

    Any insights or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


    Hi kenwae!

    I’m not really sure what exactly the file path is that is getting indexed but with WordPress, each image does get an attachment page created for it. Maybe its a specific SEO setting from a plugin or in how the pages are configured but without a live example its a bit hard to get an idea of exactly what is happening.

    Best regards,


    Sorry it took so long to reply; I’ve been waiting for another crawl for the errors to show up, and sure enough…
    So, here is an example from the crawl errors report:
    But, here’s the thing….these individual pictures are in a gallery found at: but, as you can see, the error omits the/individuals-gallery folder, though it is is included, there will still be a 404. Also, there are other galleries on this individual gallery page, but they don’t appear as errors, only this one gallery of images.
    Thanks for any help. -Ken
    (p.s. I just put in 301’s for these in the .htaccess so they may not show up as 404’s – I can remove the 301’s if you’d like to see how they go to 404 I can do that.)

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    The page where the gallery is supposed to be showing is a 404 at the moment.

    It may or may not help but you can also update your theme files to 2.4.2 which is the most recent version available from ThemeForest.


    ok, thanks. I’ll upload the newest version. If that doesn’t help I may just delete that gallery and put it in again; its the only gallery that has this problem and redoing it might solve the problem as well. You can close this thread.

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