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    Matthew Lux

    I usually work with Enfold for all of my clients, and I know it inside and out. I have been using it for years. I was wondering if you guys would be interested in a partnership, where you could have an area on your site that people who have purchase Enfold and are looking for development/design help could find companies that specialize in Enfold. This are you could list several trusted partners.

    Let me know your thoughts. Thanks!


    Hey Matthew! :)

    Thanks for contacting us!

    We are collaborating with Codeable – at the moment however we will forward your proposal to Kriesi. He will contact you if interested :)




    Most smaller requests we redirect to codeable, but I do send customers that have bigger projects to developers if they require geographic proximity or want someone who speaks their language. So if you post me a link to your website, and let me know where you are from and which languages you speak I can forward any requests from your area to you ;)




    Thanks! My business name is Graphic Lux and my website is I am located in the USA and specifically Buffalo NY (EST). English and USA customers would be the only ones I would want.


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    got it. will see what I can do ;)

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