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    So far I am liking the theme, but had a few questions.

    1. How do I add more social icons at the top?
    2. How do I remove the area at the top that is under the logo and above the slider (Says “page name” and “You are here: page name”. I would like to remove the whole area and text, so it is like the Enfold demo.
    3. How do I remove the Dummy Link Text in the footer?
    4. How do I make the slider image taller like the Enfold demo?



    Also, for some reason my blog does not show the Full Easy Slider at the top of the page even though I have set it to on the Page in the Advanced Layout Editor. Is there a way to have the Full Easy Slider also on the blog, so it is consistent with my other pages

    Thank you!



    1) You can add new icons via the function method here:

    2) On each of your pages you have the option on the right hand side of the page editor in the “Layout” meta box to choose if you want to have the header. Look for the text:
    “Header Settings
    Display the Header with Page Title and Breadcrumb Navigation?”

    3) In your theme options go to the footer tab and add [nolink] to the text box along with your own custom text.

    4) The slideshow image is based on the options and image options you choose for that specific page.

    For the blog page, if you’ve chosen that page from the theme options it ignores all settings on that specific page. See:



    I’d like to continue this topic on the question of formatting the default “Blog” page.. Like the original author, I wanted to customize my blog page with a simple intro text and image. Clearly using the default option in Enfold->Them Options needs to be deselected, and that works… BUT…

    When I click on the individual blog postings, the title and URL in the sub-header for each of them defaults to “Blog – Latest News” and the URL points to the homepage. I need it to go back to the original blog page.




    To further follow-up, it appears that not selecting the default option basically breaks the breadcrumbs in the subheader, so that each individual post sees it’s parent as the Home page.
    As a result, I don’t know what’s the easier fix… a.) fixing the breadcrumbs ‘system’, even when not selected in the theme Options, or b.) selecting the modified blog page in the Theme Options, and convincing it to not overwrite the configuration settings.

    If I have to I’ll re-select the Theme Option and forgo the additional text at the top of the blog pages, but that is not an ideal option.



    There isn’t really a fix for how the breadcrumbs are calculated at this point. When their is no “parent” the page or post doesn’t have a place to return to. So you could hard-code in the secondary location but outside of that the individual posts just don’t have a parent because the feed doesn’t have a page designation.



    OK, then is there a clear reason why content cannot be at the top of the blog page once it’s been selected using the Enfold -> Theme Options approach? I don’t think I’ve been the only one to request this, and at first glance it does seem really odd that this isn’t doable.


    I can ask Kriesi to chime in but the “blog” proper is a feed of posts. When you have something different than that it becomes a page.

    Because of the way templates are used with WordPress and the theme in general when you set the overall theme wide blog style its used for all of those auto created feeds like the search results, archives and the standard Blog feed which is the default index.php for WordPress. To keep the code clean the same loop gets used for each. If you wanted to customize the file that WordPress uses to show the blog feed you definitely can but its not typically what users want to do from the backend.

    There is a mechanism for customizing the “blog” page but it makes it so that WordPress doesn’t see the feed as the parent. So it *is* doable to have your posts shown with any other content on the page.


    I think I understand. I guess I’ll have to stick with it as-is. Thank you for your time!

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