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    We need to extensively create a custom page template for Enfold theme and I would like to know what CSS framework is it using? I need to know the grid classes, css elements, etc… I thought it was using 960 grid but not until I checked the classes. Was it customized? Maybe a css documentation? Thanks!

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    It isn’t using any framework actually. All of the css is inside of the css folder however so you can check there for the grid, base, and layout styles as needed.

    Your screenshot looks pretty simple though so unless you needed to build the page outside of WordPress you should be able to create it using the layout builder:


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    If you create a page with no header (disable breadcrumbs and title from the layout meta box) you can then use the layout builder for the full layout manually.

    With a color section for the white background content area and then using columns for the content you’ll get the basic layout in place. Something like:
    1/4 | 3/4

    A widget area inside the 1/4 column and then your text content in the 3/4.

    The header area showing the membership logo and the image background is a bit more tough. You would need to use a plugin or custom css to that page to set the background but you could use an HR element above your columns and above the color section to get some custom blank space to show that background.

    If the membership text is supposed to be real text and not part of the image you could add a code element instead of an hr element and then style the html directly with its own custom height.

    In this case the custom layout isn’t quite doable without additional css on top of the themes tools. If you need further assistance with the html/css a freelance developer from somewhere like Codeable or Envato Stuido can assist.

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    Yes, because we release updates for Enfold each month and hacking the core theme files is not a good idea. You can overwrite or replace the default css code with a child theme easily. Also see


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    Hey Soren!

    Try using a Grid Row element (Layout elements).

    Best regards,


    Thanks, it looks good on the mac screen, but when i resize the browser window, it looks bad and also on Ipad and mobil, did you what i can do to change that?





    Try just the 1/3 column shortcodes. On smaller screens they will stack on top of each other like your other elements.



    Hi, need more details, i don’t understand what you mean.




    Use the 1/3 column shortcodes then add the images element inside. Link them.


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