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    I am using the latest version of the ENFOLD theme, I think, its 2.4.5 but the contact form is not working properly. There is a default email address which I assume is based on the WordPress install, and that is my personal email. I tried to customize the form with an email for my business, but that email goes no where. There is no error message. The email account works fine I test it many ways.
    I dont see any special plugin being used for this contact form, I just added it to my page using Enfolds built in Contact Form within the Contents Elements n the layout builder.

    It would be great if the forum allowed to post a screenshot, but I hope my issue is clear, and some solution can be provided
    Thank you


    Hey Steve!

    Try if this plugin works, just to discard if the issue is theme-related or not:



    after 3 years the problem not is solved
    i have this problem too


    Can you please describe your issue in more detail so that we can help.
    Please note that if you are using Gmail, Yahoo, etc and use the same email address as the to and from addresses, such as testing, these providers mark it as spam. Also note that some hosts such as HostGator have very slow php mail, and some cPanels offer SpamAssassin on the server side that some people don’t realize is on.

    Best regards,


    i not use HostGator
    i not have received email into spam
    i not have SpamAssassin

    Just if i set another email in contact form shortcode (not admin email) the emails not are delivered (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -for-custom-email-notification/


    Hi marcellovoc,

    Please do not duplicate the threads, someone is helping you on the other thread.

    Best regards,

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