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    Just recently (Dec 2nd) we started experiencing a problem on our site using Enfold. I only discovered it last night. We have over 160 posts with a contact form on them, and the to-email address is unique for each of those posts. We had previously set up all these posts when we migrated from our old theme to Enfold. Each contact form was customized with the correct email address. Everything was fine.

    As of Dec 2nd, the email address in these contact forms started breaking. We have started adding users to our WordPress installation, and assigning each post to the relevant user. Each member has one of these pages to advertise their services and provide a way to contact them. We started adding users and making them the author of their post, which of course means we have to ‘update’ their post. It looks like time we ‘Update’ a post it breaks the to-email of the contact form.

    I can see in the DB wp_postmeta table that the broken contact forms have this in place of the valid email address:

    [av_contact email=\'<a class=\"__cf_email__\" href=\"/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection\" data-cfemail=\"3a515b575b565b7a495b544e5b59484f404a564f575853545d53545914595557\">[email protected]</a><script data-cfhash=\'f9e31\' type=\"text/javascript\">\r\n/* <![CDATA[ */!function(){try{var t=\"currentScript\"in document?document.currentScript:function(){for(var t=document.getElementsByTagName(\"script\"),e=t.length;e--;)if(t[e].getAttribute(\"data-cfhash\"))return t[e]}();if(t&&t.previousSibling){var e,r,n,i,c=t.previousSibling,a=c.getAttribute(\"data-cfemail\");if(a){for(e=\"\",r=parseInt(a.substr(0,2),16),n=2;a.length-n;n+=2)i=parseInt(a.substr(n,2),16)^r,e+=String.fromCharCode(i);e=document.createTextNode(e),c.parentNode.replaceChild(e,c)}t.parentNode.removeChild(t);}}catch(u){}}()/* ]]> */</script>\'

    When we open the contact form editor, we see the WP admin email address instead of the user’s email address. But that is only because the Enfold code is telling it to display the default email address if there is no email address there. In fact, not even the default email address is going into the database. In it’s place is this code above which is breaking the functionality of the contact form.

    When I do a test through the contact form, it never arrives at the default email address. Also, when I change to the correct email address and ‘Save’ the changes to the contact form then ‘Update’ the post and check the contact form again, the changes have not been saved.

    When I scan the wp_postmeta table for a contact form that has a valid email address instead of this javascript code in the to-email field and find a post which has a valid email address, then I go into the post editor and open the contact form editor, instead of their email address showing, it is the default email. Which makes me think that this javascript code gets put into the contact form either when we open the post editor, or we open the contact form editor.

    Details for logging in are in the private content.

    I have also tested by turning off all plugins, refreshing a page, then editing to correct the email address in the contact form and clicking the Update button on the post. When I go back and check the email address in the contact form it is still showing the same problem. So still the changes are not being saved

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    Hey mikehartrich!

    Thanks a lot for your detailed report, we do appreciate it a lot.
    We do know the issue that exists and we are fixing it.

    We would appreciate your patience, while we take care of it



    Ok. Can you let me know when the fix has been released? Then I can update Enfold and test it then get to work changing all the 160 contact forms that will need to be fixed.

    I just updated to the version released today and tested but that didn’t have this bug fix in it, because the problem persists.



    Enfold v3.4.7 is out and wondering if you still experience this issue?

    Does the same issue occur when you activate a default WordPress theme instead? please let us know about your results.



    Hi Andy

    Yes, we are still experiencing the problem.

    Activating the default theme is not just a simple matter of doing that and then going back to Enfold. When I do I have to waste time setting up sidebar widgets again because they disappear, not to mention that the entire live site will be messed up during the time I am doing that and testing. Also because the issue is with the Enfold Contact Form Widget, if I switch to the default theme I won’t be test the contact form widget, right?

    That newest version did fix another issue we were having though :)

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    Try disabling CloudFlare email protection and see if that fixes the issue.

    Best regards,


    That fixed it!


    You are welcome, glad to help :)



    Ok, opening this ticket again. We can change the email address now. But the contact form is not sending emails. It acts like it’s working, but we never get the email.

    There is a usability issue with the send button as well. It often takes 2-3 tries before it actually registers the click and submits the form.

    Cloudflare has been off since Jan 6. I am sure I had purged the cache at that time, but i just did it again in case. We have no local cache.



    Can you try point 2 of the following article?

    Best regards,


    Hi Josue,
    I tried point 2 last night. No difference. However, I was getting emails from wordpress@ when I submitted through the comment form. So wordpress@ was able to send mail. But after implementing point 2, the Enfold contact form was still not sending.


    A support person at our hosting company uploaded a PHPmailer script to the site to test if mail was able to be sent from the server. I tested it by sending to the two email addresses I have been using in my testing of the contact form. Both emails were received. So the host is not the problem. Mail can be sent from the server. The email recipients are not the problem, as both mails were received.



    Can you try again? i just applied the code from the article to functions.php, then made a test here, and i did get the message –

    Best regards,


    I just tried sending a couple of emails to different addresses from the page you created Josue and I haven’t received the emails.

    It was weird yesterday I received one email from an Enfold contact form I had set up to test. it was an anomaly. Further testing without having changed anything and I did not get any more emails.



    – Could you do a test with a gmail address (as recipient)?
    – Also, can you check if you get the messages using this plugin?



    I believe I used my gmail address on a previous test. But I just did it again and will let you know if I get the email. Otherwise assume I didn’t.

    I won’t be able to install that plugin until Monday.




    I set up a gmail address as recipient and received the email. Then I set the form up with my main .info email address and received nothing. Set the form up with our support@ email as the recipient and have received nothing.


    I have figured out that it’s the email validation option in the contact form that is causing the problem. Emails to .com addresses seem to work when validation is turned on now (after all these fixes above). But .com seems to be the only extension that gets validated properly.

    When I turn the validation off and set it to ‘is not empty’ instead then I also receive emails to .net, .org, and .us domains. Even with validation turned off I do not receive emails to .info domains. I have not tested any other domains.

    So maybe your email validation script needs to be updated?


    That sounds like a very weird issue. I’ve made some tests (validation on/off) with an .at domain address (i currently don’t have any net, info, us available) and i did get the messages, it took some time though (10-12 min).

    Best regards,


    It is a very weird issue. I just realized that even though it definitely helped to turn off the email validation in that we received to email addresses that we couldn’t before, that email validation is for the senders email address and the issue is with the recipients email address. So it doesn’t make sense, but I saw better results after I did that.

    Is anyone else experiencing or reporting this issue?


    No i haven’t so far. At this point i’d suggest you trying out a third-party contact form:

    If it works as expected i can help you stylize it to match the Enfold form appareance.



    Same problem for me. domain send address stopped working. It did work for sometime which is strange in its self. After reading this thread I tried a test changing the send email address to my account. This worked fine. So now I have moved to using Contact Form 7 so my client can receives email to their sales @ address.




    glad it’s working with contact form 7 for you. Let us know in a new ticket if you have some more questions related to the theme. We are happy to assist you.



    Hello JOSHUA

    Thank you for your good tip
    “Try disabling CloudFlare email protection and see if that fixes the issue.”

    Always a pleasure when you stumble across a gem of a post that provides exactly what you were looking for.




    You are welcome, glad to help :)


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