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    Hi! Still in love with Enfold and excited about launching my new site soon.

    Having a bit of a formatting issue between text block in layout builder and link to text from a widget on the same page.. When I click on the links in the widget, it takes it to a place on the page below the heading to which I linked. So it’s hard to tell where you are on the page. See http://talentdev.valiantlane.com/what-clients-say.

    In Avisio, it works perfectly and the link takes it to the top of the heading, so you can see the heading and then the info below it. See http://coaching.valiantlane.com/client-talk.

    The formatting for the heading/ID is different in Enfold because it wouldn’t take the formatting as it is in Avisio.

    Your thoughts?


    Also, I could not get <br> or   to hold when saving text block so I had to use <hr /> to get more space between testimonials.



    I’m getting 404’s on all of the links on the site. Not sure what is causing it but I’m not able to see the issue at the moment.

    The site links should, by default go to the top of the page unless you are linking to an anchor within the page however so seeing what is happening differently would be needed to diagnose it.

    Best regards,


    Hi Devin,

    Sorry about that…forgot to remove “private” while I’m working on the page. Please try again: http://talentdev.valiantlane.com/what-clients-say. On this page I am experimenting with how to display testimonials. At top of page I inserted the theme code for them. Below that are categorized with links in a widget to take people to the top of that category. Instead of going to just before the category so the category title shows, most of the links go to just below it.

    The goal is to make the testimonials searchable…as I am typing I’m thinking maybe what I should do is put them in a portfolio page? what do you think is best approach?



    You would want to put them inside a color section and give that color section a custom ID using the field for it. Then link to that anchor on the page.

    I’m still getting no access to the page so I apologize if this is the way you are already setting up the page.


    OY! I must have not unchecked the private box. Apologies! For now I am not going to worry about this. I have to get the site finished soon and have other priorities. Will get back in touch if necessary. Thanks for all the great support!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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