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    sorry I meant http://www.andypeck.co.uk




    Nice one andy , hmmm might want to consider a fixed layout like yours hehe.

    In your portfolio there’s ALL / Photography / Design

    I have a created a gallery using the advance layout editor but it focuses on my logo only. << Made 1 portfolio item.

    So do I have to make 2 ? Then make a page and post it there ?


    Hi there dsgnerfw,

    theres actually a tab in the main dashboard called ‘portfolio’… go there, and make a new portfolio item but make sure you create a ‘featured image’ which is at the bottom right of a NEW page. The featured image is the bit that appears in your portfolio grid. then add sliders, copy and anything else on that page. If you want multiple categories like PHOTOGRAPHY or VIDEO then either create them in the categories bit (still under the portfolio tab) or from within the new portfolio item you are creating (down the right hand side of the interface) Once youve created a few cats then when youve added a few portfolios items you can just tick which cat you want to assign it too. Portfolios can be assigned to multiple cats too

    Hope that helps




    Your website is on maintenance mode.




    Hi Ismael,

    Nick suggested I put it on maintenance mode but as I dont know how to give you access with it on Ive just turned it off. Im not familiar with setting up maintenance which is why ive been working locally.

    Anyway, its off now.

    Can you help?

    Big Thanks


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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