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    Hi at all,

    its me again and i have a short question about the gallery Object.

    I am using the normal gallery with the big preview and thumnails below.
    The gallery uses transparent PNGs.

    Now ist the problem that the big image has a background that i can not get rid off.
    at the small thumbnails i was able to delete the BG via CSS.

    Do you may have a hint for me?

    Thanks in advance for the help


    Hi Maik!

    I can’t see any background image on your website:

    Please always provide us screenshots of what you mean and of what you want to achieve.

    On a second view I see the white background that you mean. Remove it using this code in Quick CSS:

    .page-id-533 .main_color, .main_color .site-background, .main_color .first-quote, .main_color .related_image_wrap, .main_color .gravatar img .main_color .hr_content, .main_color .news-thumb, .main_color .post-format-icon, .main_color .ajax_controlls a, .main_color .tweet-text.avatar_no, .main_color .toggler, .main_color .toggler.activeTitle:hover, .main_color #js_sort_items, .main_color.inner-entry, .main_color .grid-entry-title, .main_color .related-format-icon, .grid-entry .main_color .avia-arrow, .main_color .avia-gallery-big, .main_color .avia-gallery-big, .main_color .avia-gallery img, .main_color .grid-content, .main_color .av-share-box ul, #top .main_color .av-related-style-full .related-format-icon, .main_color .related_posts.av-related-style-full a:hover, .main_color.avia-fullwidth-portfolio .pagination .current, .main_color.avia-fullwidth-portfolio .pagination a, .main_color .av-hotspot-fallback-tooltip-inner, .main_color .av-hotspot-fallback-tooltip-count {
    background-color: transparent;


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    Try adding this code to the Quick CSS:

    .main_color .avia-gallery img, .main_color .avia-gallery .image-overlay  {
        background: transparent !important;



    Hey at all,

    Tried the custom Css snippet of josue and it worked perfekt. as always!
    thx for this awesome support!

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