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    Hi Guys
    Loving Enfold by the way
    Not sure whether this is something that can be done but is it possible to give the boxed version some drop shadow down the sides to lift it off the background? also it would be nice if the border could run down the sides to give it a finish as against a cut off look.
    Its purely a visual thing everything about Enfold is working perfectly for me. With not having any coding knowledge I thought I would ask as you guys may just have a quick remedy for this, CSS and all that!

    Please advise

    Kindest regards



    Hi Yigit

    Thats great but I could do with some CSS just to make it a bit better

    my nav and section borders are 1px (I think) in colour 444444

    What I want is to run a 1px border down the sides at colour 444444 and then a 15px shadow down the sides in Black 000000

    That will be perfect for my boxed version

    I very much appreciate your help




    Hey Peter!

    Can you post the link to your website so we can take a look?



    Hi Yigit
    I am still just playing with Enfold and the shadow makes the boxed version much better, for me anyway. It probably would not make any difference at all visually but as you can see the section borders running across the page I was just wondering whether a 1px border of the same colour running down the sides might just give it more of a boxed feel. Its great now with just the shadow but I was just wondering. I don’t know CSS so I cant try it myself
    I appreciate your great support
    PS: I have just checked on IE 11 on my PC and it shows a white border down the left side but not the right. On my MAC (Safari) its just the shadow and it looks fine. I don’t know why that is?
    Going off that it looks better without the border so It would be good to have just the shadow but having it look correct on all browsers




    Please add this on Quick CSS or custom.css to create borders on the boxed layout:

    #wrap_all {
    border-right: 1px solid #444444;
    border-left: 1px solid #444444;

    Nice website. :)



    Hi Ismael

    Thanks! that worked perfectly

    Kindest regards

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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