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    Dear Kriesi-People,

    i am dazzeld. I have the Enfoldtheme with which i created my running website. Now i am building a new one which should replace the old one when it is ready. But the backend looks very different and i am more than once dazzled with my settings.
    For example the Vollbild-Slider settings look very different.
    Why is that? I have no clue.
    And 2.nd Question. How do i modify the “Beschriftung” form the Vollbildslieder meaning how it appears animated at first. (Flying in/Slowly appearing etc)
    Would be great from you to get a hint or two.

    Thank you.


    1) Probably you just see 2 versions of the theme where several UI things have been changed !?
    2) I don’t think there’s a built in option, but you could use custom CSS to override the default:

    .avia_transform .av_slideshow_full .active-slide .avia-caption-title, .avia_transform .av_fullscreen .active-slide .avia-caption-title {
        visibility: visible;
        -webkit-animation: caption-left 1s 1 cubic-bezier(0.985,0.005,0.265,1);
        animation: caption-left 1s 1 cubic-bezier(0.985,0.005,0.265,1);

    See also // https://kriesi.at/support/topic/fullslider-caption-animation-speed/


    Hi Filipp,

    1. As more options have been requested and added, organizing those settings into several groups had been made. You should still be able to see those options in other tabs.
    2. Follow @cherrmann’s instruction :)

    thanks for helping out :)

    Best regards,


    Thank you for your help. I tried the CSS from Cherrmann but no changes.
    Thanks anyway. You are right, i can find all the options they are just differntly organized.
    But still i dont undertstand why there are two different versions if both are updated to the newest version.
    Anyhow: Last question: How do i change the behavior of the text overlaying the slider. On one page it just appears on the other it comes sliding in from the side. Would be grateful for a hint, or should i open a new thread. (Couldnt find any clues in your database)
    Thanks and have a good weekend.


    Hi Filipp,

    I have checked on the sites in the screenshot and one is using the latest version and the other one is using 4.5.6.
    For the other question, can you give us the link of both pages mentioned? so we can inspect further and try to give a much more accurate answer.

    Best regards,


    HI Nikko,
    thanks for getting back.

    Animation flying in from left and right on “www.wald-fuchs.com”
    Animation appearing and moving closer together on “www.filippfuchs.de”

    So the Question is, how do i set the different Animations of the overlaying Text on a Vollbild Slider.

    Thank you for your help



    Hi Filipp,

    You’re welcome :)
    The animation is tied up with the Slideshow Transition with Fade transition the animation is similar with http://www.filippfuchs.de and with Slide sidewards its similar with http://www.wald-fuchs.com however there’s no option to select the type of animation from the captions.

    Best regards,

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