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    I’m trying to do some work for a client and the Avia layout builder for the site seems to be caught in some sort of “loading” loop.
    Thoughts? I had recently tried to update the theme through the ftp but the updates, don’t seem to be taking. (I viewed the Vimeo video several times to be sure I had done it correctly) I was able to update the theme several months ago with no problem.
    -Amy Hirschel

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    try this out: switch to standard editor and then back to layout builder

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    Hi, I’m getting the same problem. I can’t switch from standard to layout. Any word?


    Not yet. Totally frustrated and I’m sure my client thinks I’m a complete hack. ugh.

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    What was the issue you had with updating? So far all issues like you’ve outlined have been solved by updating to Enfold version 2.9.2 and making sure all plugins are up to date to work with the updated WordPress version as well.



    Hey Devin, I’ve got the latest update. I’ve also disabled plugins and the latest WP version. My editor is just stuck on a “looping” icon.

    Sending you a private reply so you can login and see what I mean.

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    Hey @ksiarza!

    You are still using 2.8.1 (latest version is 2.9.2), try updating via FTP:



    Hi Devin,
    I tend to think that is the case, I re-updated the theme and it FINALLY went through!!! Everything is up and running again. PHEW! Thanks for the advice.


    I heart you @josue, I really do.


    You are welcome, glad we could help :)


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