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    Have you had any problems with the plugin Yoast Premium combined with Enfold?

    Yoast displays all the aspects that are reducing the effectiveness of the SEO on each page. I have found that if the layout is changed to remove all the columns and then combining all the text into one long simple block of text it ranks my page as much higher SEO. And a much larger word count than when the same text appears in separate columns.

    This is probably something I should bring up with Yoast, but thought I would ask incase this combination is something you have already found problems with.

    Can you recommend an alternative SEO plugin?

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    Yoast is not functioning correctly on any of the 4 enfold theme WP sites. It’s not reading the word count, not registering keyphrase, etc. I just purchased the premium version and is still not working. Is an Enfold issue or Yoast?


    Thank you for your reply. I found copying the page then removing all the styling seems to cure the problem, but it’s not a solution. Hopefully Enfold / Yoast will research the problem and find a solution.


    Thank you, Colin. I will give that a shot, but really was trying to get in touch with enfold team for support and not quite sure how to start a ticket.


    I have found a similar problem on another website using the free version of All In One SEO (AIOSEO).

    The page using Enfold columns rates at 74 / 100
    It can’t spot the use of the Focus Keyphrase in the first paragraph

    The identical page using plain text and the same image rates at 88 / 100
    It CAN spot the use of the Focus Keyphrase in the first paragraph



    Thank you for the inquiry.

    The SEO analysis tool from those plugins are still not compatible with shortcodes or most of the layout builder including the Advance Layout Builder from the theme, but search optimization if done properly should not be affected by it. The analysis tool will just return limited data and will not recognized most of the content when layout builder is active, and thus may return lower scores based on the available data that the analysis could actually read.

    Best regards,


    Hi Ismael,

    That makes sense, thank you for putting my mind at rest!

    Best wishes,


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