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    I’ve just seen an update to WooCommerce v2.5 available on my website – it mentions that:

    2.5.0 is a major update so it is important that you make backups, and ensure themes and extensions are 2.5 compatible.

    I thought I would check first before installing it – I have the latest version of Enfold v3.4.7 installed. Are there any issues with Enfold and the new v2.5 of WooCommerce?





    me too…


    I updated to Woocommerce 2.5 – it’s working with some exceptions:

    some icons are distorted (the shopping cart icon looks like a chinese wallpainting), and i have products where the “add to shopping cart-button” is not visible (for example this one:
    Here the button is visible:

    Is there a “hack” to make the button visible?

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    I solved the problem with the invisible button by making two products instead of one, where the visitor of our shop was able to select whether he takes the product with variation A or variation B.

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    Our devs made quick tests and have not found any issues. They are currently making more detailed tests. If your business solely depends on WooCommerce, please wait a little longer to be on the safe side.
    @wernerfriedl Glad you figured it out! :)



    The new WooCommerce-Update 2.5.1 solved the problem with the hidden “shopping cart button”, i reversed the two extra products in one “variable product” – and it works.
    Zirbenbrotdose Schatzkiste

    * Fix – Qty button can be hidden for variable products sold individually.


    Hi @wernerfriedl,

    Great! Thanks for sharing :-)

    Best regards,


    @kriesi, has your team finished detailed tests of WooCommerce-Update 2.5.1 on enfold ?
    Just want to know whether I can go ahead to update our website to latest Woocommerce.



    We didn’t encounter a lot of issues so far so I guess it’s safe to say that the new update is compatible with the theme. Please create a backup or a restore point just in case.


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