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    hi there,

    having worked out how to add space above and under my menu (in fixed mode) as well as knowing how to move my menu. logo around & stopping the shrinking effect… I find myself left with a few small challenges

    a) How to control the transparency of the background underneath the menu?

    b) As ive now created more space under my menu, my slider is too far up and is appearing underneath the partially transparent background under the menu. How can I move the slider down?

    c) How do I reset the drop down menu to the right position, as its now not starting on the line (below menu) and also the depth of each drop category has altered to being too deep. How do I adjust the vertical linespacing in the dropdown menu to reset it. Ive obiously altered something by accident





    That file is still in there

    Take a look at a 3d representation of your page. Each panel here is some html object that either has its own background color or has an inherited background color. So you would need to investigate each one.

    This one is probably it,

    .header_color .main_menu ul {
    background-color: rgb(36, 31, 29,.5);
    #top .main_menu ul {
    background-color: rgb(36, 31, 29,.5);
    #top .main_menu {
    background-color: rgb(36, 31, 29,.5);

    Change the .5 which is 50% transparent





    Hi Nick,

    good news is that Ive got my menu almost how I want it. Ive been busy playing.

    here’s where im at…

    1) LOGIN – Now im in Maintenance Mode – How do I give you and your colleagues access?

    2) TOP MENU – Ive been playing with the z-axis to try and get the fat orange block to sit on top of the thin one but it wont budge.

    3) TOP MENU – It now looks great in full screen mode on my mac but looks terrible on IOS devices.

    Issue a) Logo doesn’t scale

    Issue b) Lines above the menu (on right) don’t turn of when the responsive menu appears – overlaps right across top.




    hi Nick,

    Devin has told me off for asking for asking for direct support so ive taken off maintenance mode and will ask one question at a time. Ill keep things generic.

    cheers for all your help anyway

    youve been brilliant

    so close too!!!!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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