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    I wanted my blog to have two sidebars, left AND right so I started using advanced layout editor with a 3/5 element and two 1/5 elements on either side to act as a sidebar area.

    I hace two questions:

    #1 Is there a good plugin to make the 1/5 elements stick to the top of the page like the enfold sticky header? I have seen a few plugins that make sidebars sticky but these aren’t actual sidebars. I am just using the 1/5 elements to use them as sidebars. Thanks!

    #2 Since I am using the 3/5 element to drop my blog posts into, each blog post is automatically showing up on my website as a “read more” post with an excerpt instead of showing full content like I told it to. However, I think this is happening becasue I am also using advanced layout editor to write my blog posts because I am adding extra elements within the posts as well. I am not sure how to make the posts show it’s full content on my page.

    MY SITE:

    Thanks so much!

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    1. Try this one:

    2. It is best to not show the whole content of a ALB-enabled Post because it will just spit a bunch of shortcodes there, i’d suggest setting a custom Excerpt instead.

    Best regards,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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