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    We’re happy to announce that Enfold 5.0 is finally available. Since this is a major update, we would recommend that users update on a staging or development sites first.

    Please see the change log below:

    New demo:

    feature: added position options (responsive) to:
    - Image
    - Button
    - Columns
    feature: added "Curtain Reveal Animations" (found in Animations Dropdown) to:
    - Image
    - Columns
    - Masonry
    - Masonry Gallery
    feature: added Animations Dropdown to:
    - Button
    feature: added parallax option (responsive) to:
    - Image
    - Columns
    feature: added transform options (perspective, rotate3d, scale3d, skew, translate3d) (responsive) to:
    - Image
    feature: added options to scale (zoom) and opacity for images when slide becomes active:
    - Easy Slider
    - Fullwitdh Easy Slider
    feature: minimum column height in % of surrounding layout container
    feature: theme option to disallow background image parallax and delayed animations on mobile (Performance Tab) - changed to be allowed by default
    feature: added swipe to all devices supporting touch screens (not only to mobile devices)
    feature: Extended Animations Dropdown with "Advanced Fade Animations", "Special Advanced Animations"
    feature: ALB Horizontal Gallery added rotation and styling options
    feature: ALB PostSlider added Navigation Dots
    feature: ALB Testimonial Slider added navigation styling and animation options
    feature: Adjusted options (and new options) for most sliders - under progress:
    - Slider Control Styling
    - Show Navigation Arrows and Dots (or none)
    - Custom colors for Navigation Arrows and Dots
    - Transitions and speed
    - Autorotate, end with last slide
    - Disable/Enable manual rotate (hide corresponding Navigation Arrows)
    feature: WPML global layout theme options - keep in sync options for all languages
    feature: added support for RankMath SEO plugin (active beta)
    tweak: CSS Burger Menu - remove space above mobile menu in landscape orientation and mobile devices
    tweak: support image links for slideshows with first slides caption as permanent caption
    tweak: option to add "alb templates" to top of page (not only to bottom)
    tweak: add option "Use custom link (fallback is image link)" to ALB Masonry Gallery
    tweak: ALB Tab Section new option "Deeplink String" (Advanced Tab -> Developer Settings) to set a custom link hash
    fixed: Block editor and ALB Tab Section have strange behaviour in backend
    fixed: Accordion Slider division by zero if no entries or images
    fixed: Anchor column link not working when set to open in the same window
    fixed: Block editor typography letter spacing not working
    fixed: Google Search only allows 1 tag FAQPage
    tweak: jQuery 3.0 remove deprecated $.proxy in all theme files:
    - enfold\config-gutenberg\js\avia_gutenberg.js
    - enfold\config-templatebuilder\avia-shortcodes\slideshow\slideshow.js
    - enfold\config-templatebuilder/avia-shortcodes/slideshow_accordion/slideshow_accordion.js
    - enfold\config-templatebuilder\avia-shortcodes\slideshow_fullscreen\slideshow_fullscreen.js
    - enfold\config-templatebuilder\avia-shortcodes\menu\menu.js
    - enfold\config-templatebuilder\avia-template-builder\assets\js\avia-tab-section.js
    - enfold\config-templatebuilder\avia-template-builder\assets\js\avia-tooltip.js
    - enfold\js\avia.js
    - enfold\js\shortcodes.js
    - enfold\framework\js\avia_sidebar.js
    - enfold\framework\js\conditional_load\avia_google_maps_api.js
    - enfold\framework\js\conditional_load\avia_google_maps_front.js
    - enfold\framework\js\conditional_load\avia_google_recaptcha_api.js
    tweak: jQuery 3.0 remove deprecated $.fn.focus() in js\aviapopup\jquery.magnific-popup.js
    updated: sync all language files version 5.0 (close to final release)
    updated: Dutch language files nl_NL (version 5.0 provided by EZWebdesign - Roger Hoen )
    tweak: support json string for slideshow options in HTML (data-slideshow-json="...")
    added conditional body classes: 
    - 'pointer-device-undefined', 'pointer-device-fine', 'pointer-device-coarse', 'pointer-device-coarse-only', 'pointer-device-none', 
    - 'touch-device', 'no-touch-device'
    added: class aviaPopupTemplatesPlugins
    added: filter 'avf_css_rules_position' - allows to alter position rules top bottom left right
    added: filter 'avf_css_rules_animation_duration' - allows to alter animation-duration rules
    added: filter 'avf_css_rules_animation_delay' - allows to alter animation-delay rules
    added: filter 'avf_css_rules_transition_duration' - allows to alter transition-duration rules
    added: filter 'avf_el_styling_responsive_styles_skip' - skip creating rules on element basis
    added: filter 'avf_get_global_option_keys' - modify global options key attributes before adding to internal logic
    added: filter 'avf_is_global_option' - remove a global option attribute
    deprecated: AviaHelper::css_4value_helper() no longer needed
    removed: $.AviaParallaxElement - replaced by AviaObjectParallaxElement in enfold\js\avia-snippet-parallax.js
    renamed: function sonar_keyframes -> keyframes
    renamed: filter 'avf_css_rules_sonar_keyframes' -> 'avf_css_rules_keyframes'
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