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    Providing the change log for v4.5.5 since it hasn’t been updated on the website yet.

    2019 March 18th – Version 4.5.5

    – added: CSS for backend Gutenberg editor
    – added: option under general styling to disable custom Gutenberg Editor Styles in Backend

    – fixed: an issue with the Yoast Seo and shop page title
    – fixed: an issue with widgets in single product pages
    – fixed: an issue with pagination links in WordPress 5.1
    – fixed: an issue with alternate menu not shown when Logo and Main Menu are displayed in the sidebar
    – fixed: an issue with blurry slide content in Windows Chrome Browser
    – fixed: WPML Flag Urls are escaped properly
    – fixed: proper markup change for image
    – fixed: several smaller google recaptcha issues
    – fixed: issues with Rest API support
    – fixed: an issue with shortcodes used outside of template builder pages
    – fixed: a fatal error with PHP version 5.4
    – fixed: an issue with tinyMce formatting
    – fixed: an issue with the image hover effect not working with captions
    – fixed: timing of a filter applied to backend styles
    – fixed: performance filter for force inclusion of javascript and css assets when merging css or js files: “avf_force_include_asset” is now active

    – improved: instagram error messages for easier debugging
    – improved: file merging with relative urls should work better now
    – improved: added a filter for newsbox widget image size
    – improved: added admin bar filters for ADA compliance
    – improved: added several filter for font managment and template builder data
    – improved: added filter for metaboxes

    – updated: Layerslider Plugin to the latest version


    Legend. Thank you, very much appreciated.


    We face a small issue.

    The moment we update from 4.5.4 to 4.5.5 the recaptcha from google disappears. In both version 2 (I am not a robot) as version 3.

    The moment we select a default theme (other then Enforld) the recaptcha returns.


    Hi veronict,

    ReCaptcha 3 works for many customers, it is invisible if set to be, but it works. Do you need any help with it?

    Best regards,



    Our recaptcha works perfect in version 4.5.4
    If we use v2 or v3 doesn’t matter they both do.


    The moment we update enfold level 4.5.4 to 4.5.5 both version 2 and version 3 stop working.
    In version 2 the question I’m not a robot disappears
    In version 3 the recaptcha logo in the right bottom disappears.
    It is also visible in the data traffic

    So something is changed.
    When we select an other theme (default WP) the recaptcha start function again. Without changing anything in the config.



    Hi Johan,

    Sorry for the late reply. Please open a new thread and include admin login details in private so that we can have a closer look at your site. Also please point out where we can see and reproduce the problem.

    Best regards,

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