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    Please try to refresh WP dashboard a few times after replacing enfold/config-templatebuilder/avia-template-builder/php/element-manager.class.php file. We will keep the thread open and wait to hear from you :)

    Best regards,


    WOW – Yigit. It took about 5 minutes of refreshing and emptying cache (server and browser) to get the dashboard and site to appear. BUT – we are ALL GOOD! Hurray!!! Thank you for staying with me all this time. And please send my thanks to
    @tina_billinger and @guenter

    Also thanks to
    @mbari-wp Joe Gomez and dylanjharris

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    Great to hear that Julie!
    Thanks for all your help, definitely helped a lot.

    I will surely send your thanks to both Tina and Günter :)




    I’ve done the following and after 12 minutes our staging site finally stopped generating 502 errors.

    -Uploaded new theme (enfold 4.4.1) dir as enfold-new
    -Replaced config-templatebuilder\avia-template-builder\php\element-manager.class.php with the one provided on pastebin
    -Cleared server cache files, browser cache
    -Renamed enfold to enfold-old, renamed enfold-new to enfold
    -Refreshed a few times — after 12 minutes the site is now displaying. It was not displaying in any browser or curl tests for these 12 minutes.

    Why the long wait? This has been my process up until 4.3. Enfold is now 4.4.1 and the theme always updated instantly up until 4.3 using the above process.

    Explain to me why this takes so long now? If this is a one time wait that is acceptable, if I will have to have the 12 minute downtime every time I upgrade the theme going forward that will not be acceptable.

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    Additionally, will the modified element-manager.class.php make it into the official releases of enfold? I don’t want to run a fork of a file that has to be replaced manually every update and which will become outdated as the theme evolves.




    @mbari-wp Günter said following and i quote

    It still may be necessary to reload the admin page several times if the init loop runs into a timeout.

    This is a one time thing and updated version of the file will be included in upcoming version of Enfold.

    Best regards,


    Thanks Yigit. I’m going to install in our production environment tonight.

    Could you please elaborate on the init loop? Is the underlying problem with upgrading a limitation with WPEngine having a timeout value that causes this init loop to fail? What does the init loop do and why does it only have to occur once? If its a script that initializes plugins or something, won’t it have to run every time the httpd/nginx daemon restarts?



    An update, I was able to get Enfold 4.4.1 into production and for 10 minutes the site showed 502 errors. After 10 minutes, the site was responsive, but the admin page took 20 more minutes of refresh, waiting for 502, refresh, waiting for 502.

    Finally, it appears to be stable. I still have the above questions, it rubs me the wrong way that the theme is so heavy that this was required.

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    @mbari-wp this was not required because the theme is heavy but it was needed for better handling the sites with big amount of posts. Improvement will be added in upcoming update and you should not have such issues in future.

    Best regards,

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