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    hi again,

    the simple autoplay with self hosted videos is not working again in version 4.2.6.

    as i wrote before there ist a css problem as follows:

    shortcode.css / line 3727:
    #top .mejs-container{height: 30px; max-height: 30px}
    1. you missed a “;” before “}”
    2. this “max-height: 30px” must be deleted


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    • This topic was modified 6 years, 2 months ago by isee.

    Hi Rene,

    Please add following code to Quick CSS

    #top .av-video-slide .mejs-container { 
          max-height: 100%; 

    We will report it to our devs :)



    hi yigit,

    i fixed it in the shortcode.css until you provide the next update.

    as i mentioned in the other thread, i have the problem with autoplay…
    it really weird, but now i found out (and fixed my problem) that you emulate a click via jquery in the simple slider
    to start (self hosted) video slides. the same “problem” occours with a video section background.

    here is my solution:
    as i hooked some scripts another way in functions.php and/or plugins my jquery was not available when this click is emulated.
    i changed my hooks to an other level,
    add_action('after_setup_theme', '#mystuff#', 40);
    add_action('init', '#mystuff#', 40);

    and the autoplay works again.

    this might be helpfull for others to recognize their problem if autoplay does not start.


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    Hi isee,

    Glad you got it working for you and thank you for sharing! :)

    If you need further assistance please let us know.

    Best regards,


    Yigit and Victoria, we have been adding this exact code to quick css for months now… and the problem keeps coming up in threads as each new version of Enfold is released. Are the devs ever going to add this to the theme? This is getting ridiculous and puts a lot of work on users and moderators. Looks like isee above even found the error in the code…. maybe he can join the dev team? :)

    Just my opinion.




    I have just created a ticket for that issue to our developers so they can even see that solution and fix the issue if possible on the next minor update!

    Thank you very much

    Best regards,

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