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    Lots of chatter re: the Enfold 4.2.5 update. Is there a bug? If there is, do you have an ETA on a fixed update?

    And… will updated Enfold play nicely with WooCommerce 3.3.3 using PHP 5.6.30 / WordPress 4.9.4 ???

    I do not currently have a development site, so will do any and all updates live — but, important to know status prior!

    Do you suggest updating PHP to 7 ???

    Thank you!


    Already updated all sites to PHP 7.0 — duh! However, still need other questions answered ASAP. Thanks!



    It’s very difficult to say if the update will play nice on your site or not, but I would really recommend you to have a staging site so that you won’t risk compromising your production site. You should be able to copy the site fairly quickly to a new folder on the same server.

    Best regards,


    Hi Rikard,

    Interesting reply. I understand the importance of a staging site, but can you confirm that Enfold 4.2.5 has a bug? And if so, do you have an ETA for an update?

    I understand that issues can crop up with updates, but this one seems to be exceptionally prone!

    Please advise!




    I can confirm that there are problems on some installations, though that is case on most updates unfortunately. It’s close to impossible for us to do testing on all types of servers and setups, and with an almost infinite combination of plugins etc. We still haven’t been able to reproduce the problems on any of our own installations for instance.

    If you don’t have to update then you can hold off if you like, we should hopefully have a new version of the theme available this week.

    If you want a close-to fail safe way of updating your sites, then you should try to have a process like this.

    Best regards,


    Thanks Rikard!

    … for the info, for the update coming soon (I can wait), and for still being one of the best themes and support teams I have found anywhere. Just paid for another 6 months of support — it would be nice if Envato offered a 12-mo plan as well!




    Great, thanks for the feedback and for the kind words :-)

    We don’t have any control over what Envato offers unfortunately, but if users like yourself suggest longer support plans I’m sure they would listen and add that options at some point.

    Best regards,

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