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    Why is this worthy of a 4.0 version number? Apart from it being the buggiest Enfold release ever there’s nothing warranting it being 4.0

    Look at Avada and their recent 5.0 release. Major, massive release with tons of redesign and extra functionality.

    This should have been 3.8.6

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    Hey Rod!

    Thanks for your input.
    Enfold 4.0 made the theme more powerful and stable. It opens the way for more advanced features that will be included in near future. We will continue releasing major updates. Kriesi has great plans for 2017 and Enfold 4.0 is just the beginning, there are many more to come :)
    Next on the agenda is to improve mobile experience.

    Best regards,

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    Great to hear that improved mobile experience is coming… as you know, we keep asking for it.

    I, too, was disappointed there isn’t more included in 4.0. I would like to hear a bit more about the performance improvements. Will this lead to better page speed rendering etc?

    Hoping we see 4.1 and beyond soon! This update was a long time coming… :)



    Hi Yiigit,

    So basically you’re saying the same thing I did. It wasn’t a 4.0 release (which would indicate lots of new shiny things!)

    If you read the changeling it’s bug fix after bug fix. There are a few small changes but on the whole is evolutionary not revolutionary.

    It’s a point upgrade at best.



    Since we haven’t made the announcement yet and the demo overview also does not show the latest demo yet (we wanted to iron out any smaller bugs before we tell everyone to upgrade) it might be that you missed the latest demo, in which case I would understand your confusion. If you havent seen the Enfold 2017 Demo you can already do so by going to the demo import screen of your backend and click the link to the demo. This demo is the main reason why this is a 4.0 relese.

    Avada has a different focus than we have and this has been the case for several years now. They do a great job catering to their audience and I hope our audience loves what we do.

    The thing is: I don’t intend to play the “lets add another 70 theme options, 10 elements or 30 one page demos” game that others do. When we add a feature I think 3 times if I can’t somehow automate it so that the user never needs to see the option. I only add new elements when I think they really bring something great to the table. And I only release full concept demos with multiple pages and unique design that I often spend weeks building, or in the latest case more than a month.

    As mentioned above the Enfold 2017 Demo is basically the reason why I see this as a 4.0 release. It has a heavily improved builder experience, new elements and more importantly a huge demo that shows what the theme is capable to do. I have made a lot of backend changes that allow me to build better demos (like the option to import custom layersliders) and added new styles for a lot of element that by now looked a little outdated.

    I basically wanted to build a theme demo that will release the Classic Demo as the default demo in the future. I am not mad if people like the Avada approach more, were you got a option for everything, but its not our way.

    As for “the buggiest release ever”: we are currently having an issue with the layerslider update script that is causing problems on a small amount of older servers. Other than that nothing problematic has come to my attention, so I am not sure what you mean by that. If you have any issues feel free to let me know.

    Hope that explains everything.



    Ok, I think we’ll have to agree to disagree. It’s not that I don’t like the theme – I do, it’s just that this doesn’t feel like a major release. Making a new demo is great but doesn’t mean you increment the release version surely? Setting lots of things up for the future is great but again, doesn’t justify a whole version move. I suspect that most people when they saw 4.0 was out leapt to the Themeforest page to see what incredible new things were available and were very disappointed.

    As to only seeing one small bug in a third party plugin on old servers have you seen your threads?!

    Many users could not access the admin screen
    The editor is displaying multiple labels over the same spot making them unreadable
    Many people are getting 500 server errors
    Media library is filling with unwanted images from your demo without being imported – delete them and they reappear.
    Sites not score way less on page speed tests than before – not sure why?
    New back end preview on right just displays nothing on all but one of my installations

    The fact you had to rush out 4.0.1 shortly after release shows you’re aware of bugs surely?

    Anyway, I’m not here to moan, as I said, I like Enfold and have purchased it several times, I just think 4.0 indicated a bigger release than what we had,


    Well I guess it is so, and we agree to disagree ;)

    Most of the errors you noted were actually just a single one. People just describe the problems they got in a different way ;)
    (not able to access admin screen, 500 error, media library issue are basically all caused by a single problem)

    Thats why we added a hotfix. Which, btw, we almost always need to do because there is no software out there that is bug free. And if we release something new I always try to release a patch for the first found issues the same day :)

    Enfold runs on thousands of different server setups and unfortunately I can’t test them all. And the current issues unfortunately also requires a very distinct server setting so I wasn’t able to catch it during testing.

    Anyways, the other stuff I have not heard of yet. If you need help with any of that let us know. If something does not work as intended there is always the chance that its an issue with the theme, thats why we are here and try to support you. But more often than not if we only receive occasional error reports its something different :)

    Will close this now ;)


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