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    I just upgraded to the latest release of Enfold and WordPress on my client’s website. We use the Advanced IFrame Pro plug-in to run a php program in an IFrame in an Enfold Page.

    With the latest release, a serious bug was introduced, appearing immediately after the upgrade. The mouse – or touch on a mobile phone – stops working and the form in the IFrame becomes totally unresponsive, at the exact moment the Mobile Menu appears in the parent window. Thinking it must be an Advanced IFrame Errror, I reported it to them. Then I replaced the Advanced IFrame with a standard IFrame, and the same problem exists. I assume now it is an Enfold error.

    I have provided the links to duplicate the problem in the private content area.

    WordPress Version: 4.6
    Enfold Version: 3.7.1
    Enfold Child Theme

    This is a serious issue for our customer, so I would appreciate a quick response.

    Thanks…. Roger


    Hey Roger,

    Could you try deactivating all plugins to see if one of them is causing a conflict please? If that is not the case then please send us a temporary admin login so that we can have a closer look. You can post the details in the Private Content section of your reply.



    I deactivated all the plugins and the error still occurs with the test page.

    I also created a temporary login for you, but realize that this login may not work due to the other error I reported, and you confirmed, with this release:

    Page or Post – Advanced Editor Hanging for New Admin – Always Busy\

    See private area message for details.



    Can you please consider to contact the plugin developer and let us know his opinion for the issue.

    Thanks a lot

    Best regards,



    I am no longer using the plug-in for the test page, and have confirmed this using a standard iframe. You can narrow the window using the test page I supplied you, and the Iframe becomes unable to accept mouse or touch input at the exact pixel width where the mobile menu appears.

    This is becoming a desperate situation for my client.




    I have checked but the iframe is an element placed inside the theme.
    You will have to have some responsive based behavour to it, making it work for mobiles properly.

    iFrames are not designed to be used inside the WordPress editor.

    Best regards,


    Basilis, I don’t think you are understanding the problem.

    On any browser, the iframe will not accept any mouse input once the top level mobile menu appears. On a touch device – IPhone or IPad – it will not accept any finger input. The page can’t be used for input.

    This worked perfectly before your last release. Now we have a website that doesn’t work at all on mobile devices.


    we are not talking about the editor. We are talking about the website.


    I would really appreciate an answer for this, or I am going to have to take desperate action and move to another theme for this client. After many successful Enfold themes for my clients. this is a great disappointment, and also means never again if an IFrame is involved.

    It means any Enfold page using an IFrame child for input no longer works on a mobile phone or tablet – any time the mobile menu appears.

    Can you please just give me a definitive answer, so I can decide what I need to do?

    Thanks…. Roger


    There is apparently an issue with a style sheet conflict in the child window that is causing this problem.

    Please consider it closed until I do further investigation. Sorry..

    Thank you….. Roger

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