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    Can you help me to enable a lightbox effect on product thumbnails on the woocommerce catalog page- rather then having the image click through to the single product page? I would like the “see details” to link to the product page. That would be marvellous! I tried using the magic thumb plugin to achieve this, but to no avail. Ideally we would like the same lightbox feature enabled for product grids & sliders too. The catalog is here

    Thank you!


    Hey japk!

    This feature would require a theme code customization which is beyond the scope of our support forum. You can suggest a product catalog lightbox feature here: and if more users request it we’ll look into it.



    Fair enough. Thanks. Any insight on why all the woocommerce zoom plugins won’t work?



    Probably the reason is that most themes don’t use/support the lightbox on the shop/archive pages (i.e. Avada or the official WooThemes – i.e. also don’t support a lightbox) and it’s not easily possible to add this feature with a plugin. You could create a plugin for certain themes but this plugin wouldn’t be compatible with other themes and eventually many users would report bugs or incompatibility issues to the plugin author which are not fixable because every theme uses different templates, code, etc.



    Hi japk

    is this what you are looking for? (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -into-a-lightbox-link/#post-100893



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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