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    after the new update, I see some strange things in my editor.
    Is this the new feature: “editor element live preview”.

    What should it be?


    Hey Karl,

    In the new update some elements do have live preview . You may not see the changes correctly until the cached files are cleared in your browser.

    Please try to hard refresh by pressing Ctrl + Shift + F5 on your browser or press the F12 key to open chrome dev tools and right click on the refresh button and select “Empty Cache and Hard Reload” and review the site again.

    Best regards,


    thank you.
    now it works.
    Can I change the size of the preview window?



    I am afraid thats currently not possible but any suggestions are welcome. Would you rather increase the size or decrease it?

    Best regards,


    I’ve done a hard reload many times now. The new preview is there, but it won’t save and the section editor won’t close. This wasn’t an issue until the update… Now I can’t edit my sites.

    EDIT – This seems to only be affecting the text block and icon box editors….may be more. Again, if I hit “save”, nothing happens. If I try to just close the editor box, it won’t close. Assuming there is a script error on that.

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    Added details… When I inspect the page with the developer tools, it is showing several warnings for the avia-modal.js file.


    Hi @kahil,

    Could you please provide us with a temporary admin login so that we can take a closer look? You can post the details in the Private Content section of your reply.

    Best regards,


    I ended up having to roll it back to the previous version. But as I mentioned, the warnings in the Dev tools pointed to avia-modal.js


    I too am having this issue (Looks like many people are). Is there a solution? Also, where can I find the 3.x.x (Recent release) version of Enfold to download?




    @Eagles1227 please create a new ticket, so we can be able to review for you.

    @kahil please create a staging enviroment so you can try and handle the updates.
    There, add the update and make sure if it still not works to clear cache and maybe reupload the theme through FTP ( sometimes, something can go wrong while updating from the updater ).

    Let us know if that works out for you



    I have tried all of that. The issue persists. Dev tools still points to avia-modal.js as the issue. Until there is a fix and the option to disable the preview pane is there, I likely won’t be updating my sites.


    Hilfe, habe einen 10 Zoll Laptop, für die live preview ist der Monitor viel zu klein. Kann man die Vorschau abschalten, ich kann so nicht mehr arbeiten. Brauche diese Vorschau nicht !!!


    Hello, I’m having the same/similar issue. The Text Block element has no Visual or Text tab so I can’t switch back and forth to edit inline CSS, if needed. Clicking on the save button, or close icon, does nothing. The Text Block editor stays open.. All that can be done is to leave the page and reopen it for editing, but no changes are saved.

    I’ve determined it is not a caching issue as we host on WP Engine and caching is not available on the staging site.

    Our deadline to finish this site is rapidly approaching. We need to get this issue resolved as soon as possible. We are currently on WordPress 4.7.3 and Enfold 4.0.2. I offer any help I can, to help resolve this.



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    For everyone here is who having the same issue, please kindly open a new thread with the url to the site plus the login credentials so that we can check each of them thoroughly. Make sure to deactivate plugins temporarily to eliminate compatibility issues.



    Editing a page or an article, I also am seeing the PREVIEW ELEMENT on half screen.
    I’m used typing in full screen pages, but the extention does’nt work.
    Please, how can I exclude the PREVIEW ELEMENT?
    Intersting feature, but not always useful.

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    For many of us, we cannot simply just deactivate all plugins and wait for someone to log in and check things out. Keep in mind that for many, a website is a business and some plugins may be vital to that, like Woocommerce.

    As previously mentioned, the inspector in Chrome gives a warning about avia-modal.js when this happens. It only happens on text elements that I am aware of.

    Some advice or suggestion here… It may be prudent for the devs to form some sort of beta program for people to sign up for. You guys can test all you want on your own, but nothing is better than beta testing with live users. Yes, you can’t ensure compatibility with every plugin out there, but it will at least allow you to try and make it work with the popular/most used ones out there….especially the ones the theme plugs compatibility with, like Woocommerce. I know that I would have no problem with setting up a testing ground for a beta version so we can vet new features like this. This would help to avoid issues like this which is clearly affecting many people. Also, features like this really should be something that can be turned off…and should be off by default. Not everyone is going to need or want a preview pane like that. On face value, it is more of a vanity feature than a necessity.

    As for me personally, I was lucky to still have the previous version of Enfold downloaded. I was forced to re-install the last stable version because I simply could not edit my site.


    My entire team, as well as partners at other marketing agencies were talking about the Enfold ‘upgrade’ today and all wonder why this preview feature was added? Was it requested? Is it really that handy? Does it really work? Are previews accurate? (background doesn’t load, so not really that helpful IMO)

    Considering the fact that this was a major version change with a new learning curve to the backend and a lot of screen real estate being dedicated to a feature that is not necessarily welcome by all, I also would LOVE to know how to turn the new Preview feature off not only my login, but for the entire team…is there a disable in the functions.php or somewhere else that can toggle it?



    You can turn off the Element Preview in textblock by editing this file: wp-content/themes/enfold/config-templatebuilder/avia-shortcodes/textblock.php and find this code (line 24):

    $this->config['preview'] 		= "large";

    just comment that line or replace it with this:

    // $this->config['preview'] 		= "large";

    I would advise however to use a child theme and override the module using instructions in here:

    Best regards,




    i have replace to

    function shortcode_insert_button()
    $this->config[‘name’] = __(‘Text Block’, ‘avia_framework’ );
    $this->config[‘tab’] = __(‘Content Elements’, ‘avia_framework’ );
    $this->config[‘icon’] = AviaBuilder::$path[‘imagesURL’].”sc-text_block.png”;
    $this->config[‘order’] = 100;
    $this->config[‘target’] = ‘avia-target-insert’;
    $this->config[‘shortcode’] = ‘av_textblock’;
    $this->config[‘tinyMCE’] = array(‘disable’ => true);
    $this->config[‘tooltip’] = __(‘Creates a simple text block’, ‘avia_framework’ );
    // $this->config[‘preview’] = “large”;

    it’s not work

    Element Preview still in there.



    The code I posted should work on text block element preview but not on other modules/elements. Can you check if it’s still there on your text block?



    I also noticed the issue that I can’t edit text elements. I found that it comes when I checked in my user profile the checkbox “do not use the visual editor” (“Visuellen Editor nicht benutzen”). If this ist activated, I cannot save and close any text element in the layout builder. I helped myself for the moment by unchecking this and switching manually to text mode each time.


    In agreement with some, this feature is taking up half my desktop real-estate, provides me with nothing useful and I can’t disable it with either a front-end option or a functions.php code mod.

    … it is therefore my assessment and (most humble) suggestion that …



    Hi fusion01,

    You can leave your feedback here.

    If you need further assistance please let us know.

    Best regards,


    Is this issue ever going to be fixed?! After first noticing this issue, I installed an old version I had. There have been several minor updates now so I gave it a chance again. The issue is still there! What gives? This is a major bug if a window cannot be closed when editing. It means we cannot update our sites. It has been weeks….seriously, there isn’t a good excuse for not having squashed this bug.



    While that lil trick does hide the preview pane and it should be really easy for you guys to add an if toggle in the code to enable/disable, it still doesn’t fix the main issue… cannot close the editor modal. So….site still dead for updates.



    For a lot or most users, there is no issue with the live preview so the problem is probably created by a plugin or a custom modification in the theme. Please post the FTP and WP login details so that we can check your site.

    Best regards,


    It isn’t a plugin or custom mod. It is safe to say most users don’t have the visual editor turned off. The only plugin running is woocommerce. There are no other custom mods. As has been pointed out, it is an issue with the avia-modal.js file. When the visual editor for WordPress is disabled in the WordPress settings, any of the Enfold boxes with text areas cannot close.

    Again…this isn’t a plugin or mod issue. It is an Enfold issue. Regarding the preview pane, just give us an option to disable it. If I have to have the visual editor for WordPress turned on and have to have the Enfold preview pane taking up space, then what’s the point? That’s basically two WYSIWYGs right there.



    I see. Thank you for the info. I was able to reproduce the issue on my installation. We’ll forward the issue to Kriesi.




    We were able to track the issue and will fix it with the next update. thanks for your help guys! :)


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