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    To keep some functions (related posts for example), I make my articles with the editor and not the advanced editor.
    To insert a beautiful gallery, I use the shortcode but I don’t know how choose and change my pictures because there is only this type of code, with no place for the name’s picture

    [av_hr class='invisible' height='10' shadow='no-shadow' position='center' custom_border='av-border-thin' custom_width='50px' custom_border_color='' custom_margin_top='30px' custom_margin_bottom='30px' icon_select='yes' custom_icon_color='' icon='ue808' font='entypo-fontello' admin_preview_bg='']


    Hey sandra1307,

    Please, can you provide the WP credentials and the website link too?

    Best regards,
    John Torvik


    Since my last message, I’ve tried anorther way.

    I can’t use advanced editor if i want to keep some functions on my article (related posts for example)

    Here this is my article, with gallery made with shortcode, not advanced editor, but if I want to change settings, pictures of this gallery, I must create a new gallery, is it possible to make an another way ?
    and it is the same thing with all the shortcodes, impossible to change the setiing of the shortcode except if i create new shortcode with anorther settings

    I don’t know if my explanations are very clear… :-(


    Hi sandra1307,

    You can make a test page, create a gallery you need, enable the Advanced Layout Builder debug mode and copy the code from it to the page you need.

    If you need further assistance please let us know.
    Best regards,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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