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    I need to edit page.php to add variables to control drawing of the header, footer and sidebar…I successfully edited and tested the page.php file in the themes folder and debugged the php which has no errors. It appears that I am not editing the file that is being executed when a page is called. I changed the name of all the page.php files I could find to phpTmp.php…and the wordpress site kept rendering so its obvious I am in the wrong place…can someone help me with where the production files are that a call to the wordpress site executes.



    Hi mocablue!

    Please go to Enfold/includes folder and edit loop-page.php file. You can find helper files inside the same includes folder

    Best regards,


    it looks like i need to edit forum.php or page.php

    with this code…

    $disableSidebar = get_post_meta($post->ID, ‘disableSidebar’, $single = true);
    if ($disableSidebar !== ‘true’) { get_sidebar(); }

    where i set a variable when I save the page to disableSidebar = true or false

    i did not see why loop-page.php would be preferrable? I want to implement these changes in the appropriate files but am not sure what to make of the loop-####.php files when I am trying to suppress in certain siutations the header or the footer or the sidebar

    Thanks for your feedback


    Perhaps this can help…there are a bunch of WP folders here – which folder is (and should be) the live folder that is executing site php?

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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