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    Hi, I am setting up my site using the dummy data supplied (thanks – it’s great for a novice like me!). However, I have a problem with the text blocks.

    When I add a Text Block to a page layout section and then click to edit it I get different editors come up:

    – sometimes I get white text – it’s there if I highlight it but I can’t see it otherwise – in both Visual and HTML

    – and sometimes I get editor menus (a WYSIWYG) type set up but and sometimes I don’t. When I do get it I can’t use most of the functions (such as changing font).

    There seems to be no reason for why sometimes I get one (ie the white text in the plain box) and other times I get the editor (which doesn’t work) – even in the same text box.

    Can you help?



    I am experiencing that some my text blocks that contain html with <div> tags stopped being editable (cross browser problem).

    nothing fancy:

    <div class=”notebook-container”>

    <div class=”notebook-top”></div>

    <div class=”notebook-middle”>Text..</div>

    <div class=”notebook-bottom”></div>


    when i change sth. on another element like a layerslider and hit “save” – the text block becomes visible again. buggy!


    Hi, I still have this problem with editing text blocks – the first time I click on them to edit they come up with a WYSIWYG editor in visual mode but if I make any changes and click save, nothing saves. When I go back in again, the visual mode has white text and no edit options – I have to highlight the text to be able to see it and then overtype.

    Please can you help as it is getting frustrating.




    I tagged this thread for Kriesi.

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    Hi, I deactivated an editor plugin and that seems to have fixed the problem.



    Great :)

    Best regards,


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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