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    I have a somewhat embarrassing problem:
    I have placed some links in the footer socket / social area when generating the page. Now I want to edit them and do not know where that is possible.

    Enfold socket


    i guess you have made a menu and marked that little Enfold footer menu.

    On enfold options dialog you can choose to have the social icons in socket.

    By the way you could mark both for a Menu (Main Menu and Footer Menu). But than it will have two identical ids each menu point is place on every page.
    This is not W3C conform. Every ID has to be unique on a site. So my advice
    if you want the same menu points – make a new menu call it footermenu or something like this and place the menu there and mark it as secondary menu.
    Allthough the links are identical – they got different IDs


    Thank you very much. Guenni007. On the menu I had not thought of, tsss …


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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