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    Hello Kriesi,

    I am trying to change the portfolio template, but I cannot find it, in the files (FTP).

    I have tried looking at config-templatebuilder/avia-shortcodes/portfolio.php, but no luck.

    Even if I try to change something in the code, it doesn’t show on the live site!

    Any suggestions?

    Basically, I want to add a “back” feature to the template (../).


    Hey Synergi!

    I think your wanting the /enfold/single-portfolio.php file. That is the template used for displaying the single portfolio posts.



    Hello Elliott, Thank you for the quick reply.

    I will try and edit that file again, but previously, I did not see any changes. I am editing in the core theme files right now, just for testing purposes. When I can see a change, I will incorporate it into my child theme.


    I just tried editing the file, and nothing changes. Anybody with a solution to this?



    What is the exact changes your doing? If your using a caching plugin then be sure to clear it’s cache before viewing the frontend.



    Great with feedback. I am not using any cache plugin and my goal is to add a “return” button for navigational purposes. Right now, I am testing by merely adding a new class, but it doesn’t even show up in the source code.



    What code are you trying and where?



    enfold/single-portfolio.php ->

    <div class='container'>
    <div class='Testclass'>.</div>
    <main class='template-page template-portfolio content  <?php avia_layout_class( 'content' ); ?> units' <?php avia_markup_helper(array('context' => 'content','post_type'=>'portfolio'));?>>

    I am trying to add the Testclass, just to see if any changes are going through. It is in line 18.

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    Are you using Advanced Layout Builder for that portfolio? if so, none of the changes done in the single-portfolio.php will reflect because that is no the file being rendered.



    Yes I am, but that only applies to the content area, right? What if I added an element to the outside frame in the single-portfolio.php?

    I however, solved the issue, just by adding my element using the advanced layout builder. It took some manual work, but it is fine for now.


    Thing is, single-portfolio.php is never used if ALB is enabled. Glad you managed to found a way though.



    All right, thank you!

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