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    dear Sir

    Iam trying to edit the demo front page but there is no data appear in layout builder to edit as in elemenator, need your support urgently


    Hey IBRAHIMBerro,
    Thanks for the login, I see that you are getting this error:

     Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php 

    I found that your Permalink structure includes /index.php/
    I changed it to the basic Post name structure, please clear your server cache and check. If this doesn’t help please check your server error log and ask your webhost to check the file permissions for the /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php file because it should not give a 404 (Not Found) error.

    Best regards,


    Dear Sir

    I still have the same problem in loading the home page and edit it in the editor, please i need to recheck it

    The webhost solved the ajax error message



    Please try to enable debug mode, then move all the shortcodes to a new page, to see if that helps:

    Best regards,


    dear Sir
    I tried it could not be success i will send you my cpanel account


    Dear \sir

    Any news regarding the issue i faced



    I copied the shortcodes of your page and pasted them into a page in my testing installation. It does not cause any issues.

    It seems like something in the shortcode is breaking the site. Please contact your hosting provider and ask for the error log. Also, please ask them to temporarily disable mod security if it is enabled to check if that helps. I think the issue is related to some mod security rule.

    Best regards,


    dear sir

    we do not have security mod activated so the problem not in the security mod the problem is as below ( Please i need to solve this problem my client is waiting, i have multiple websites with different themes and no problem happened like this before

    Thank you for holding Ibrahim. Here is what is being output in the error logs for that site. (This is the only errors that are being shown from the 25th-now These errors happen very often)
    [30-Jan-2023 21:11:39 UTC] PHP Warning: include(/home/healtogrow/public_html/wp-content/uploads/avia_fonts/lifestyles/charmap.php): Failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/healtogrow/public_html/wp-content/themes/enfold/config-templatebuilder/avia-template-builder/php/class-font-manager.php on line 659
    [30-Jan-2023 21:11:39 UTC] PHP Warning: include(): Failed opening ‘/home/healtogrow/public_html/wp-content/uploads/avia_fonts/lifestyles/charmap.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/opt/cpanel/ea-php81/root/usr/share/pear’) in /home/healtogrow/public_html/wp-content/themes/enfold/config-templatebuilder/avia-template-builder/php/class-font-manager.php on line 659


    dear Sir if you check that there is another templates working properly so the problem is not host issue it is theme issue and please i need to solve it or get my money back my client is very upset

    Please check the templates in about working properly


    also if you check the export there is no template to export, the problem is in the demo it self. Please send me the health demo export files i will import also to check


    Guys any news regarding my request ????


    Hi IBRAHIMBerro,

    We apologize for the inconvenience and thanks for giving us admin access.
    We have inspected the page and it seems the home page itself is not working properly.
    I created a new one (called homepage) which you can edit and set it as the homepage (the home in main menu is also replaced).

    It seems when this attribute is found in the shortcode the server does not allow it:

    overlay_pattern='' overlay_custom_pattern=''

    You can test this by creating a new page and then in the classic editor just add:




    or both of them combined.

    You can verify as well that it is not a theme issue but a server setting that does not allow it by switching to a default WordPress Theme and do the steps mentioned above.

    Best regards,


    Dear Nikko

    I appreciate your support for now the hosting said there is nothing from there side, but what we can do now is to modify the home page with fonts as the below
    Please also i tried to edit the fullscreen banner but i can not edit it and if i duplicate it and i add new image then publish it link me to 404 if we can suggest a meeting through zoom or even anydesk so you can check it closely. My client liked the theme and i can not shift to another one
    appreciate your soonest support



    Hi IBRAHIMBerro,

    The link you gave does not show a specific demo, can you tell me which demo specifically? so I can tell which font it is using.
    Also, with regard to your suggestion to have a meeting through zoom, unfortunately, we only support via this forum/posts.
    We will try though to help you as much as we can.

    Best regards,


    Dear Nikko

    Thanks for your fast reply i need the health demo from scratch so let the platform to be in first mode and remove all theme settings to be installed with all pages to be done to audit also please if you can check the full screen demo part i could not edit in the last modification or duplicate


    Hi IBRAHIMBerro,

    We have fixed the font, however, modifying the slider, I think it’s a bit complicated because we will need to remove some codes in the Enfold theme in order to make it work without getting any issues but the problem will be back again when the theme is updated. Can we request for FTP access so we can remove the code? just post the credentials in private content.
    This will just be a temporary fix but for the long term, please ask you your hosting provider why this isn’t working on your site:


    and if they can do something with it since it is essential to the theme.

    Best regards,


    Dear Nikko

    Thanks for your support below is the access to cpanel

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    dear nikko

    i tried the homepage not working as before


    Hi IBRAHIMBerro,

    The login you gave is for the WordPress Dashboard, please check.
    I think FTP would be sufficient, cPanel would also be good since it has greater access.

    Best regards,


    Dear Niko

    Kindly check the below

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    Hi IBRAHIMBerro,

    Thanks for providing us with FTP access.
    I was able to modify wp-content/themes/enfold/config-templatebuilder/avia-template-builder/php/class-popup-templates.php and commented out this codes (line 715-7450:

    	'name'		=> __( 'Background Image', 'avia_framework'),
    	'desc'		=> __( 'Select an existing or upload a new background image.', 'avia_framework' ),
    	'id'		=> 'overlay_pattern',
    	'type'		=> 'select',
    	'folder'	=> 'images/background-images/',
    	'folderlabel'	=> '',
    	'group'		=> 'Select predefined pattern',
    	'exclude'	=> array( 'fullsize-', 'gradient' ),
    	'std'		=> '',
    	'lockable'	=> $lockable,
    	'required'	=> array( 'overlay_enable', 'not', '' ),
    	'subtype'	=> array(
    						__( 'No Background Image', 'avia_framework')	=> '',
    						__( 'Upload custom image', 'avia_framework')	=> 'custom'
    	'name'		=> __( 'Custom Pattern', 'avia_framework' ),
    	'desc'		=> __( 'Upload your own seamless pattern', 'avia_framework' ),
    	'id'		=> 'overlay_custom_pattern',
    	'type'		=> 'image',
    	'fetch'		=> 'url',
    	'secondary_img' => true,
    	'title'		=> __( 'Insert Pattern', 'avia_framework' ),
    	'button'	=> __( 'Insert', 'avia_framework' ),
    	'std'		=> '',
    	'lockable'	=> $lockable,
    	'required'	=> array( 'overlay_pattern', 'equals', 'custom' )

    This is only just a temporary solution and you will need to do this on every theme update since any changes on the parent theme will be overridden during the theme update.
    Also, with this code removed, background overlays will not work.
    If the hosting provider will still refuse to fix the issue then I would suggest you would consider to migrate to a better hosting provider.

    Best regards,


    dear Nikko

    The theme now is too much annoying really i added new codes to the home page and i worked very hard to finish it, but when u go to the main home page there is an error page not found

    I have all the shortcodes for all pages please i need ur help. And also when adding a shortcode and modify it the updates are not avaliable

    the home page called latest homepage



    Hi IBRAHIMBerro,

    I have checked the latest homepage but I did not see an error page not found warning.
    There seems to be incompatibility with some of the shortcodes used by the theme and the server configuration of your webhost, that’s why some inconveniences are happening.
    I would suggest saving each time you add or modified an element or section just to be sure, there may be some other keywords that are not allowed causing the error you mentioned.

    Best regards,

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