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    Gave up on the LayerSlider ;-)

    EasySlider seems to be working. However, I would like to change the size. It just takes too much of the home page.

    Where do I change the size? I would like to keep it at about 200px tall.





    I think if you choose the ‘no scaling (original width and height)’ option from within the Easy Slider element (using the Avia page builder), the slide then takes on the dimensions of your image. So if your images are 200px in height, the slider will be aswell.


    Hi TechShad,

    As meanster99, said you can use that setting to control the size of the slider dependent on your image size if none of the auto generated sizes work for you.




    Not true, in fact it doesn’t seem to work properly. Any setting you choose, it always shows a big slide.


    @glanmarizzi is correct. No matter what size you choose, it will enlarge the images to maximum size.

    I put the following CSS, to reduce the size. I hope it doesn’t break anything else;

    .avia-slideshow li img {

    width: 65%;



    Not true TechShad and gianmarizzi. I am using the Fullwidth Easy Slider with images that are 300px in height, and that’s the height of the slider. You have probably not changed the “Stretch image to fit slideshow” element setting from “Yes, stretch my image” to “No, don’t stretch the image etc”. Without changing that setting the image will stretch to fit the entire page, which automatically adjusts the height aswell.

    There is no need to add custom CSS unless you want the image to actually stretch across the entire screen, in which case you could always upload an image with the maximum width dimension that you are using with your theme (but that may involve having very big image file sizes and may not always look how you want it to on different size screens).


    Hi meanster99, I’m not sure I understand. Where is the “Stretch image etc.” setting you are saying?



    I think you are not on the same page. @meanster99 is talking about the Easy Slider while @gianmarizzi is asking about LayerSlider. Anyway, you can change the height of the LayerSlider on Global Settings > Basic > Slider height, set the height in pixels.




    No no, TechShad and I are talking about EasySlider. In this case, I’m trying to use EasySlider as shortcode in place of a static picture. The shortcode asks me the size of the pictures: whatever size I choose, the slider is always at maximum size (affecting the quality of the image because if I upload a small picture, it will show me a big slider with a blurred picture).


    The setting I was talking about (the stretch thing) only appears when using the Fullwidth EasySlider. It doesn’t show up when using the simple EasySlider, and you can only add the fullwidth slider using the Avia Page Builder (as far as I know). At least we all know what we’re talking about now!! ;)



    Yes, that is true. EasySlider doesn’t have the Stretch image option. Use the Fullwidth EasySlider.




    Dear Moderators,

    Im still confused about the solution to this. Im also having the same problem, when using Easy Slider, its not letting me keep the actual size of the images that I use. It always fills to whatever the width of the column is, if full width, goes full, half to half. Ok, this is one solution, but its not ideal, Is this a known bug? Can it be fixed? Any work around???


    Swami Trika


    Hi Swami Trika,

    This is the intended effect. To keep it working responsively the slider adapts to its container so you would need to use a column element to keep the slider at a specific width.

    The images inside of it adapt to their container as well which is the easy slider container.



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