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    When I want to insert an easy slider into a blog post I have those problems:

    – the slider takes all the width from left to sidebar. Isn’t it possible to have a smaller one?

    – In the option “Slideshow Image Size” I can choose different size but no matter what I choose it only change the quality of my image, not the size of the slideshow..What do I miss here?

    What I actually want, is to understand how the “sideshow image size” works…and finally what I would like to be able to have is the same as in the demo theme, have a slideshow element I can insert into a blog post.

    Is that possible?

    Kind regards




    I’m sorry to insist, but I’m really struggling with this. I don’t see why if I have the possibility to choose a slideshow image size it won’t appear as I decided on my blog post.

    I want to write an article, put an easy slider above it with the size square 180×180. Why when I click on that option my slider is as big as my blog space and the image is blurry?


    Kind regards,



    You need to choose “No scaling (Original image size)” for the slideshow image size and you also need to change the setting below the slideshow image size (the one about whether the image stretches to fit the slide) to “No, don’t stretch my image etc”. That will ensure your slider is only the size of the image you upload.



    Where can I find the “No, don’t stretch my image etc” option? I cannot see it.. :-( I’m sure the problem I want to resolve comes from here but I need more precisions I’m afraid…





    You should probably insert the Easy Slider inside a column. Insert 1/4 column then insert the Easy Slider inside.





    Ok! that way it works…But still, when you have all the choices : medium, large, portfolio, gallery etc. Are there option that are only working on “pages” but not on “posts”?

    This I just want to understand…

    Kind regards,




    No, the thumbnail sizes are not limited to certain post types and you can use them with posts, pages, etc.




    Hi Dude,

    Well I still don’t get it because when I want to insert an easy slider in a post and click on thumbnail option, I’ll still have a full width screen picture/slider.

    So I can’t easily put an easy slider in a post just with the shortcode…that’s annoying..Any idea? I’ve even download again enfold theme and started fresh…but still impossible to put a small easy slider into a post..

    Kind regards,


    Hi chryseis,

    Posts don’t have the same capability as the pages with regard to the advanced layout editor. So you aren’t able to do the same complex layouts without using regular shortcodes at this point.

    So, for example if you want a small easy slider you first add a layout shortcode and then add the easy slider shortcode with the smaller image option inside the smaller layout. Ex:

    [av_three_fourth first]
    Add 3/4 Content here


    [av_slideshow size='square' animation='slide' autoplay='true' interval='5']
    [av_slide id='4846']
    [av_slide id='4646']




    Ok Devin, that’s what I believed you had to do. I just wanted to be 100% sure there was no other way I was missing. As you said “Posts don’t have the same capability as the pages with regard to the advanced layout editor” this either I wasn’t sure…I am now ;-)



Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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