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    After all these updates I still don’t know why this Easy Slider still has issues with youtube video on the mobile, I know there is java issues with mobile, but I’ve seen plenty of slider be able to handle a youtube slider, I don’t care to have auto play feature I’d just like to have my visitors at least be able to click play if they’d want.

    Now I do know the Layerslider WP has a youtube method but that method is tedious task to add a video and it creates an ugly preview picture before even playing. Any thoughts as to what might be another option for youtube slider for the mobile and tablets?



    Hi P. Bert!

    You can try another slider like Master Slider if LayerSlider or Easy Slider don’t work for you. I’ll mark this thread for Kriesi – maybe he can comment on the issue(s) with ipads/iphones. Personally I can only test the videos on Android phones (with Android 4.0 and 4.4) and I’ve not experienced any problems so far.



    Thanks Dude,

    I have both android and apple based and neither on mobile end work with youtube videos.. So the videos work well on your sliders? The Full Width Easy Slider or just the EasySlider regular? I’ll check out this Master Slider in the meantime thanks again!



    I just noticed Kriesi deactivated the videos for Android devices too. I’m pretty sure they worked in the past (at least for Android devices) because I tested them when Kriesi released the video sliders.



    I’ve never been able to use this feature on mobile device for a a looong time now, I was hoping for some sort of fix eventually within the theme…



    In this instance Kriesi makes the final decision on enabling/disabling them on mobile. With the number of issues that were previously reported with them – black screens etc even without autoplay – the overall fix at the time was to disable them on mobile for a more consistent UX.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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