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    So can anyone explain why the same configuration features that are available for layersliders are not available for the non-full width easy slider. You cannot drag a fullwidth slider into a grid or other block so why aren’t GUI configuration options available for text, text underlay, etc?

    Also, NOTHING is in any documentation.

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    Hey crtdude,

    I’m not sure I understand what you mean, they are different sliders and the features of them are different of course. Otherwise they would be the same I guess. Could you try to explain the problem you are having a bit further and post a link to your site so that we can have a closer look please?

    Best regards,


    Hi Rikard,
    Here’s the website:

    Easy slider does not have the GUI configuration options which are available in Full Width Slider. Cannot change text/overlay colors or positioning from inside of Enfold. Only with CSS efforts.

    Unless you have a way to get full width into where I have my slider, creating 4 sliders with varying text and positions is simply a pain.

    To note: at least Enfold will not let me drag any slider other than Easy Slider in the grid ow or column. Tried 3 different slider plugins and they all ran across the entire page width overlaying the insurance icons on the right.



    Thanks for the feedback. Yes, the only options you have for styling are the ones given to you in the element option, beyond that you would need custom CSS. Though I’m still not sure what you need help with?

    The sliders you are referring to are all full width element, except the one which you can drag into a layout element. A full width element cannot be placed within a layout element.

    Best regards,

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