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    I have looked at previous attempts to do titles/captions + descriptions, but none of those work. Of cause you can go into Media Library and give each image a title, description, etc. that’s basic knowledge, and that is fine to use, but my problem is that when the easy slider is in normal slideshow mode, it has some captions and descriptions for every image, but when I then go into Lightbox-mode captions and descriptions don’t follow/appear. I see this more as an unfinished development issue, than a real issue.

    Anyway (personal opinion aside) how do I get the captions and descriptions that is written for each image inside the “easy slider” area to follow and not disappear when easy slider goes into lightbox-mode?

    Example situation:
    User comes to my portfolio, they see the slider changing images smoothly and nice. They also see that each image has it’s own caption and description, which gives them a nice read about the specific image and situation at hand. Then they click the slider (easy slider) and a popup (goes into lightbox-mode) appears, but now they can’t read any of the captions and descriptions that were on the small slider. So for the user to read and see both they would have to go back and forth between page (and the slider) and going into lightbox-mode.

    I hope you can see the issue at hand, as I see it as an unfinished development issue. That by mistake has just been forgotten.

    Kind regards,


    Hey NGdesign6!

    Thank you for using Enfold.

    The lightbox requires the title of the actual image or the image’s parent, usually a link tag. It cannot fetch the value of the title or caption field. Unfortunately, you have to specify the title and the description of the image in the Media > Library separately. If you want to modify the theme’s lightbox integration, edit the js > avia.js file, look for the following code.

    image: {
    				    titleSrc: function(item){
    					    var title = item.el.attr('title');
    					    if(!title) title = item.el.find('img').attr('title');
    					    if(!title) title = item.el.parent().next('.wp-caption-text').html();
    					    if(typeof title == "undefined") return "";
    					    return title;

    Unfortunately, this modification is quite extensive and it is outside the scope of support. Please hire a freelance developer or contact our partner, codeable.


    Best regards,

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