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    Hi there,

    I noticed thread

    I have the same issue on multiple sites: the caption text on smaller screens is not being changed to the size you insert in the Easy Slider > form elements > screen options. Attached you find screen shots of:
    1) Easy slider caption on very small screens (up to 479px).
    2) The settings in Enfold for caption title and caption text both set at 10px. It is easy to see that there is something wrong with the caption content.
    3) By using the inspector I found out that the <p> in the avia-caption-content is causing the problem.

    Like I said, I noticed the solution in am. thread, however it seems somewhat ‘overdone’ to have to change this in all Enfold sites my clients are running… Apart from that, once changed through CSS, it does not give a client (who doesn’t work with CSS) the option to change it themselves the way the theme settings offer. I believe it is a ‘bug’ in Enfold and should be updated in the next Enfold version.

    What is your opinion about this? Has this already been taken into consideration?

    Thanks & regards,


    Hey Monique,

    I checked this issue on my installation and it works without any issues. It appears it is an issue on your site have you added any custom code to style the captions or any element sharing the same class name such as the p element which could be causing a conflict.

    Are you using any h2 or other HTML tags to place the caption text?

    Best regards,


    Hi Vinay,

    Checked and double checked again and found out there was a conflict with some lines in custom CSS which forced the font-size for caption to be larger than set in the screen options ;-). Now it works just fine.

    Thanks for your helpful suggestion and sorry to have bothered you.

    Can you flag this topic as closed please?

    Best regards,


    Hi Monique,

    Glad to hear that it’s working fine now! Thanks for using Enfold and have a great weekend :)

    Best regards,

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