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    I’m on a Go Daddy manage wordpress site, 2 days ago, it automatically updated to wordpress 4.5,
    now the Image slider are not showing the images. I found this post


    The problem in that case was that after updating my local installation to 4.5 the javascript libraries where loaded from cache and therefore I didn’t catch the problem. Sorry for the that, entirely our fault that we didn’t check more thoroughly here.

    Good news is: Its actually a minor problem with some of the javascript expressions in the file enfold/js/avia.js and a fix was already uploaded to themeforest. we are just waiting for approval by themeforest right now.

    Meanwhile you can apply the fix yourself in case its urgent and you don’t want to downgrade to wp 4.4.
    Just replace the content of the file enfold/js/avia.js with the content posted here:


    After Changing the avia.js on the sever, it still does not show the images.
    What do I need to do, When is Themeforest going to release sthe update for 4.5 wordpress.


    Hey tkodesign,

    Your site seems to be loading fine on my end, could you try clearing your browser cache and reload a few times? If that doesn’t help then try a different browser and/or machine.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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