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    I have created home page with 2/3 column containing Easy Slider.

    The first time this page is visited, the Easy Slider is just a blank space. Rest of page OK.
    Visit another page and then return to Home, and now Easy Slider works perfectly.

    website is at http://www.manchesterpolymergroup.com

    Any ideas?


    Hey ChrisXXX!

    I checked your website on Chrome, Firefox and IE10 and on all these browsers slider worked as i visited your page for the first time

    Best regards,


    Thank you for very quick reply.

    MAYBE the problem only happens once, when website updated, or when page edited. And after that it is OK. In which case, not a problem. :-)

    I’ve had the problem several times (using Firefox) both on local server and on live website. And a user with IE9 tells me that got problem first time also. But each time it MAYBE just after page edited or website uploaded to live. I will do some tests.

    Thank you.



    Always remove browser cache then reload the page a few times. :)



    Have done some more tests with my computers and a friend in another location on their computer. For both of us, if we close browser and then open it again, and go to the home page of the website, the slider DOES NOT APPEAR (just a blank area on the page). If we then move to another page and back, the sliders works OK.

    But if we repeat the above, the same happens. The slider does not work first time we visit the page. If we see this behaviour then at least some visitors to the site will see this. Using FireFox and IE9.

    Any suggestions on what might be the cause??


    PS: I found lots of other people (different Theme producer) with similar problem and suggestions for fix.
    I will try these out.

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    More information.
    When I say that there is just a blank space where the slider should be, if I move the mouse there the NEXT and PREVIOUS buttons and the “dots” at the bottom of the slider do appear. So the slider IS there, but no images are shown.


    message cancelled.

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    The problem is quite random. Sometimes the Easy Slider works first time. Sometimes just a blank space until I visit another page and return to the slider page. Have got the same “random” results on 3 different computers.

    My guess (feel free to scoff … I am not THAT technical :-)
    is some sort of timing issue with the jscript. ???


    Just to advise: As client wants to look at site I have replaced the Easy Slider with a different slider. Therefore it is no longer possible to visit the website to see the problem.



    Without a clear way to re-create it every time there is very little we can do in the way of diagnosing a potential bug. From what it sounds like the content is just not loading in which is typically because of a timeout on the server either with loading a script or loading a(n) image.

    So you could try using very small images and see if that helps or seeing if there are any tweaks you can do either with a caching plugin or a minifying plugin to keep the strain on your server to a minimum.



    Thanks Devlin,

    <P>You are correct. It is impossible to find a problem if it cannot be reproduced.</P>

    From another Forum I got this solution to what sounds like the same problem I had:<br />
    Let’s suppose that your slideshow is located in ID = top-a. Then, the only thing to do is to add the following line of code right before the closing body tag (i.e. </body>) in your template.php file:”

    <script>jQuery(window).bind(“load”, function(){jQuery(‘#top-a > div > .module’).removeAttr(‘style’);jQuery(window).resize();jQuery(‘#top-a > div > .module’).attr(‘style’,’min-height:1px;’);});</script>

    But in Enfold I can’t see how to try this out because I used the smart AVIA Layout Builder so I think there is no place to edit the page HTML. Maybe the jscript will mean something to you though?

    (For me I solved the problem by changing to a different Slideshow plugin that works fine.)




    That would just be removing a style declaration from the slider. If that was causing the issue it might work by adding it to your footer.php but it wouldn’t explain it happening on some page loads but not other.


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