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    Yes, I know, another “I’m changing the footer and I need help thread” but I’ve actually already changed the footer several times and run into a customer that wants more- he wants the copyright range that updates dynamically…i.e 2011-2018 with the page link following. I’m not sure how to accomplish this even though I’ve played around with the code I currently have that has the copyright of the current year and page link. Can you help? To clarify- it would be like the below but the date would be 2011-2018 with the 2018 updating automatically.

    Thank you!

    © Copyright 2018 – OffShoreRisk


    Hey brilliantbluedesigns,

    You would need to use a bit a JavaScript to do so. Or, even easier you can use this plugin:

    It says the plugin hasn’t been updated but that because its really so simple.

    Best regards,
    Jordan Shannon


    So there is literally no way to add a static year to the beginning of this snippet?

    $copyright = do_shortcode( avia_get_option(‘copyright’, “© “.__(‘Copyright’,’avia_framework’).” “.date(‘Y’).” – “.get_bloginfo(‘name’).”“));

    That seems unlikely, but ok.

    I really dislike adding plug ins for something so simple, even if they are as simple as you say. WordPress is bloated enough already. – However, if you want to suggest a plug in, I actually preferred Current Year Shortcode once I looked at them at your suggestion- easier to understand the shortcodes and it is currently supported. I’ve had far too many plug ins abandoned and turn in to security risks in recent years to trust an abandoned plug in. Just my two cents.


    Hi brilliantbluedesigns,
    This can be a place to put the snippet with the year

    If you need further assistance please let us know.
    Best regards,

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