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    Hi Friends, thanks very much for your great support and patience.

    I don’t use any plugins, and I use Enfold Theme with Latest WordPress Version and Latest Enfold Version.
    When I upload an image via dashboard, it seems I am uploading a single image, but when I ceck it via FTP it seems every image has 10 versions with different dimensions. Why is that?

    Thanks very much for all your support.
    Kind Regards,


    Hi Bedros!

    That’s expected, Enfold does that on each image upload in order to let you use the image in every case, you can disable it easily by removing this lines in functions.php:
    (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /00000175.png” alt=”” />



    Thanks Josue, isthere a way to achieve this within a child theme’s functions.php file.?
    If not and I must alter the main functions.php file, not a problem.
    Thanks very much, Josue.
    Kind Regards,



    I suggest to use a plugin ( ) to change the sizes.



    Thanks very much :)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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