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    Hi – my category archive pages are showing two H1 titles. The first is the category itself, but the second is the title of the first blog post. On the archive pages, the blog post should title should be H2. How can this be adjusted?


    Hey tsays,

    Thank you for the inquiry.

    The title “When Should a Startup Hire a PR Firm?” was manually added to the post content. Have you tried editing the post and adjusting the element manually?

    Best regards,


    A page like that: https://kriesi.at/themes/enfold-2017/category/personal/

    there all post do have h2 headings – and only the breadcrumb category is h1.


    Hi – the post isn’t the issue, it’s the archive pages. The posts have breadcrumbs as H1, and the category page title ALSO has an H1. Obviously, the post needs an H1, so they can’t all be deprecated to H2, so that’s the challenge.


    the example page above is an archiv page of personal – and yes the breadcrumb is h1 – but all the other blog title headings are h2.

    That is why i ask if your page is similar to that – it makes me wonder. on the single posts – the titles are h1 but then breadcrumb tag is “strong”.
    is there a link to your site that you can make public – as participant as you are – i do not see private content field here on board.


    Hi – Thank you for the assistance. Here’s the link to the actual page. I looked through the source code, as you recommended, and I did not see what you are referring to – but I am no code genius.

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    And where did the info come from that you got more than one h1 on that page.
    If it is the page of your former postings see:

    and btw:

    Here’s the link to the actual page.

    as I said – I’m just a participant like you ( and private content is only seen by mods and you ) – but with some expertise and helpfulness on Enfold topics .


    Thank you for your help. I noted that my link did not come through. The page I am referring to is an archive page, not a single post.

    These pages are coming up as duplicate H1 in SEO audits – specifically SEMRush.


    Ismael – the page is an archive page – none of the posts are added manually.



    Thank you for the update.

    The post below contains an h1 tag, which was added manually in the editor. Please check the private field, or provide the login info so that we can check the post further.

    Best regards,


    Hi Ismael –
    The issue is not with posts – it is at the archive page like this. https://avaansmedia.com/category/specialties/technology/page/2/
    please see private content below.
    thank you


    that is what ismael said on your single page you inserted inside the content of that post a h1 heading.
    (btw: this leads here to a duplicate h1 heading too)
    The content of this page will then be taken over from the archive page. The title of the individual post is h2 within the archive page. However, the headings in the content are adopted as you have set them.
    So if you now edit this single page (https://avaansmedia.com/when-should-a-startup-hire-a-pr-firm/ ) to convert this heading into a h2, then it will be the same on the archive page.


    by the way: https://www.stanventures.com/blog/multiple-h1-tags/
    Since there are more and more one-pagers on the Internet, duplicate h1s are no longer viewed so strictly. In any case, Google no longer complains about this.


    Offtopic if there was a conflict with breadcrumbs you can change that h1 tag too.

    if you do not like to change the h1 in the single post – you can decide to change the title tag on your bread-crumbs:
    this to child-theme functions.php :

    function avf_remove_header_title($args) {
        $args['heading'] = 'span';
        return $args; 
    add_filter('avf_title_args', 'avf_remove_header_title');

    or whatever you like to set for tag maybe h2


    and – you had to adjust the padding-top of #main in your setting.
    i can see this rule inside your css:

    body.category #wrap_all #main, body.tag #wrap_all #main {
      padding-top: 0 !important;

    that is why there is an overlap with your logo.


    next question : i try to reproduce an archive page like yours – but i do not have that h1 category heading over my post-entry articles ?
    It’s quite unusual for Enfold to insert something like this without special classes, hence the question: how did you insert this h1 there?


    THank you for your help and observations.


    on that single post : https://avaansmedia.com/when-should-a-startup-hire-a-pr-firm/
    edit the content of that single post under that audio embed: “When Should a Startup Hire a PR Firm?” to h2


    Glad Guenni007 could help, thank you Guenni007, once you remove the manually added H1 from the post it will solve your issue. It is not needed as it is a duplicate of the post title and causes your title to show twice.
    Please let us know if you have any other questions about this issue.

    Best regards,

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