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    Hi guys,

    The dropdown field in Enfold theme has always the same style (length and css style) with this that comes when creating forms with Gravity Forms and Formidable Pro plugin.

    When using a datepicker for instance through formidable pro/Gravity Forms plugin, I always get an inconvenient datepicker, that has two entire fields (one up which corresponds the months and one down of it representing the year).

    I’m trying to find a solution:

    a) either using the forms created from a plugin and showing correctly (their css style) without conflicts, or

    b) find a way to keep the great css style of Enfold datepicker (the datepicker style as shown when using the contact shortcode), while using the forms created through one of the mentioned plugins

    I still can’t find it, after many tries on editing even the css styles regarding datepicker on both enfold and plugins.

    Pls advice on this issue.

    It would be also great for kriesi team to include a future update on disabling the conflicts in css style with other plugins or even greatest to include a contact form with enhancing conditional logic fields.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Hi asteratos!

    You can try the Contact Form 7 plugin. You can actually delete or override the contact form styling on css > base.css > #Forms. Delete those line of codes or modify it.



    Thanks for the input Ismael.

    I tried Contact form 7 which is really great plugin, but it has not the “conditional logic” feature, which I need.

    If you manage to put this feature in the Enfold theme future update (contact form shortcode), would be brilliant. Cos in this case we wont need to install additional plugins to create forms and bother with avoiding customizations on CSS due to conflicts.

    For the time being I will try what you suggest.

    Thanks again!




    If you have a live link where we can see the date picker conflict that would help as well.

    Best regards,


    Hey Devin,

    Ok, finally it worked!

    I removed #forms + #tables in base.css and use completely other plugin than Gravity Forms and Formidable Pro.

    The version 1.3.4 of “Formcraft” plugin has NO conflicts with enfold datepicker. Also a lot of foreign languages are supported including Greek, for the use of datepicker.

    So yes, I couldn’t believe that November was showing in my language correctly with the right css style surrounded.




    Glad it is working now. :)

    Best regards,

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