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    How can I download the latest Enfold update ( so we can put in our own version control?


    Hey Shannon,

    You can go to your ThemeForest account and download it there.

    Best regards,


    Hi Victoria, thanks for your quick reply. The problem is that I don’t see where to download the update in ThemeForest. We are already using Enfold, but we need to download the update. When I go to our account profile in ThemeForest, then click downloads, I only see a recent plug in that we purchased.

    Can you point me to where in ThemeForest I can find the update to download?

    Thanks very much!


    Hi Shannon,

    All your purchases should be available in the downloads section on Themeforest, are you sure that you bought the theme using the account you are currently using? If that is not the problem then you should reach out to Envato, we have no control over their systems unfortunately.

    Best regards,

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