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    I created a tab section. eacht tab title gets a dotted line around the box when clicking it.
    Do you know how to get rid of this?

    dotted line


    Hi Siracher

    I would say this depends on the browser you are using – did you try it with Firefox by chance?
    I have dotted lines there as well, but as soon as I click somewhere else they are gone again.

    This is normal behaviour and made for accessibility reasons so people can navigate with their keyboard (if they are not able to use a mouse). If you change it, you will violate best practices according to the W3C web standard. If I do the same with Google Chrome, there are no dotted lines so in my opinion there is nothing to fix here.

    However, here are some ressources which help you to get rid of the dotted line if you really want to:
    1) CSS-Tricks
    2) stack overflow




    Thanks for sharing @michaelH, did you try check that out @Siracher?

    Best regards,


    maybe this could help you – i recognized it aswell on firefox and on a different alb element with tabs only:

    this was my proposed solution

    .tab.active_tab {
        outline: none !important;

    if you got a link for us – it will be helpfull to give you the right selector. I can not reproduce it on my installation
    or try this as my next guess

    .av-active-tab-title {
        outline: none !important;

    Hi all thanks for the replies!

    here’s the page: https://freuler-verwaltungen.ch/dienstleistungen/

    I just mentioned the same behaviour in the main menu. Really strange. Somewhere must be declared that the dotted lines appear on focus. But can’t find it.


    did you test:

    .av-active-tab-title {
        outline: none !important;

    yes, unfortunately it doesn’t work


    Darf ich gerade mal ein wenig deutsch hier einstreuen? Geht mir auch schneller von der Hand.
    Wo hast du den Code eingefügt? Weil ich diesen nicht in dem quick css der angegebenen Seite finde.
    Schreibst Du den Style Code in das style.css deines Child-Themes direkt hinein ?
    Enfold hat hierfür ja das quick css.


    ja sicher :-)

    ich hatte den Code im child-theme, aber dann wieder gelöscht.

    Jetzt im Quick-CSS scheint es zu funktionieren. Die Linie blinkt kurz auf, aber verschwindet dann automatisch wieder.

    Daher für mich tip-top. besten Dank

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