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    I had to change the domain name for my website. Now the enfold theme is not properly loading. The site was originally I took down and changed the site to There is only one site running on this theme that I have purchased. For some reason the website continues to mess up with missing content. Here are the thoughts from my hosting provider.

    . It appears the Enfold theme is inserting the “” into everything. I then looked at the Enfold theme and I see it’s a paid theme. So they probably don’t allow URL changes because they think someone was stealing their theme.

    Whoever purchased the Enfold theme (it’s at ) will have to contact Enfold and see if they’ll allow the URL change from to I can’t do this because I’m not the one that bought it.

    As long as the site was up the Enfold Theme would work if the image was still live at that URL. That site is down and that’s why it won’t allow loading them locally. They think you’re running a stolen theme.

    Please tell me how to fix this issue.


    Hey sware81,

    It seems there is an issue with your configuration and transfer.
    Please do check here:

    to do some quick solutions

    Best regards,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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